Hot Drinks During Winter

Now that winter is here, we are looking at ways to stay warm. While we can turn up our heaters, put more wood on the fire and curl up in blankets there is one thing that can warm us from the inside out. A hot drink can take away those winter blues and make us feel toasty warm again.

There are many types of hot drinks that you can have. They range from the black teas and herbal teas to the sweeter drinks like hot chocolate. That sweet taste of hot chocolate can do wonders on a winters night. With marshmallows, cream and chocolate sprinkles a hot chocolate can be both a hot drink and a creamy dessert.

To go with you hot drink you can also have a biscuit or two. Biscuits are great with hot drinks as they can be dipped in, turning a dry crunch biscuit into a soft, wet taste sensation. Most biscuits can be dipped or dunked. The softer smaller biscuits will fall apart if they are left in the hot drink for more that a moment. Harder and larger biscuits might need to be in for up to 30 seconds before they soften up and are ready for enjoying.

When choosing a flavour of biscuits for dunking in a hot drink, nothing really beats anything with chocolate. Chocolate is great for dunking as the hot liquid melts the chocolate, allowing the chocolate flavour to be released and spread throughout your mouth.

So the next time you are feeling cold on a winters night try a hot drink to warm yourself up. Also try the best biscuit for dunking in the world, the Tim Tam.

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