How to Write an Online Dating Profile

I am sure that you have heard of the saying "first impressions last". In the world of online dating, this is certainly true. Your profile makes the first impression and is the difference between having a chance and having no chance at all.

The profile that you put up on a dating site is the first glimpse that potential partners have of you. It describes you in the best way you can. You may try to make yourself sound smart, funny or fun. While they are reading your profile they will be deciding if you are what they are looking for. If is your job to make sure that they like what they read. A good profile should get people contacting you, you should not have to contact them.

There is really only one rule when writing online dating profiles that you should follow. Never follow any "How to write an online dating profile" articles, do not copy ideas from other profiles and do not even consider listing your hobbies. All of these things mean that your profile will be the same as everyone else. When you are writing your profile, you want to be different. If you are into cooking, put in your favourite recipe, if you are into cars say what the best brand is. Just never ever write a profile as people would expect you to.

Even after you have written your online dating profile, you need to make sure that everything is up to date. Every few weeks or months you need to come back to your profile and update it. This may mean deleting the things that you no longer do and adding new items.

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