Why submit articles (and ignore Google)

Getting your articles read is the most important step. For years submitting articles was all about getting a website to rank higher in Google. Now that Google has reduced the importance of such articles in website rankings, an opportunity has opened up for savvy marketers.

Visitors not links

Getting your article read is important as it is about getting people interested in what you are selling, your ideas or encouraging them to seek you out for more. A great article will leave the reader wanting more. Even without a link, they will notice your name or business name at the bottom of the article and seek you out.

Hidden effect

The issue with this is that it is hard to track with analytics tools like Google Analytics. If visitors see your brand name or personal name, but not a link, they might Google for your site. You will not be able to tell that they looked for your site after reading one of your articles.

Brand name

Writing such articles will definitely help establish your brand name. Even if people do not visit your site, they will remember the name. If they visit your site later, they may not remember where they heard your name, but they will be more confident that your site is legitimate and a good site to buy from.

Site fit

Sometimes articles do not fit well with your site. It is not a good idea to be seen making bad comments about the competitor’s site. If you know of issues with the competitors’ products or services, make this known by publishing an article about it on another site under another name. Just make sure the issues are legitimate as you do not want to be recognised by the competition.

Where to submit articles

This site is accepting articles now. Just head over to the submission form, and submit your article. Be careful when submitting your article to other sites as some sites will remove your brand or by-line.

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