Exposed acne treatment - Avoid

Avoid “Exposed Skin Care” as they can not be trusted. After struggling for some time with sub-par products, some marketing bright spark though “How can we get more good customer reviews for a product that is crap?”. They then proceeded to make fake customer reviews that make the products sound better than they really are.

All the good reviews are fake

Every positive review that you read about this company is false. Consider this review, where someone clued up to it?

You know what's seriously weird..? The fact that all of these 4 and 5 star reviews, the "members" who are writing them have only ever written one review online and their signup date and last login date is the exact same of the date they wrote their review. I went way back in the reviews to where someone mentioned this and I started looking into it and realized 98% of the reviews are like that. Why do I feel like the company itself is writing these reviews?

Yes, that is correct. This company is writing their own reviews.

The products do not work

So now you are wondering if the products are any good? Well they are not. Read some of these reviews

Worst product ever! I have been using the expanded kit with the moisturizer for 30 days now and my face has only gotten worse. I followed the instructions for sensitive skin and used the acne treatment serum every other day and still my face is a wreck. I would not waste your money on this product and I feel that most of the reviews I have come across are probably bogus.

So it did not work for that person...

I didn't like it. I really wanted to like this skincare system, but I didn't. It didn't help my breakouts, AT ALL. It made my face dull and uneven looking. PLUS, some of the stuff stunk so bad it gave me a headache. *two thumbs down*

Or that person...

i have been using this product for less than a week, and my face start to irritate, itchy and redness, is there anything i can do? should i stop using it? my face was so red last night and i just took medicine to relief the itchy and the feel of burn. help!!! tnx in advance.

Or that person...

I am beyond disapointed about this product :(.

I bought this product because I had read so many great reviews online about it. I was super excited when the product arrived at my house.

For the first week, I noticed a difference. My skin was clearer. I was happy. Second week I noticed my skin changing texture. It felt weird. Third week my face was so dry. Now I have red blotches and dry skin every where. I don't even want to leave the house. I try and cover the blotches as much as possible but it is very flaky. I try and moisturize my skin in the morning, in the afternoon and at night but nothing seems to be working. :( I feel ugly. I want my skin back. I would rather have a couple of zits than this ugly blotchy dry face.

Or that person.

But someone claimed it worked

If you know anyone who thinks this product works, ask if they have been using it for more than two weeks. It takes more than two weeks for the bad effects to occur. Plus the placebo effect might be occurring. It might pay to look into the placebo effect.

So overall

The marketing is fake, the product is bad.

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