Nutrisystem Review

Apparently Nutrisystem is one of the most recognizable names in weight loss and was founded in 1972. It claims to have helped millions of people lose weight on its convenient portion-controlled meals.

So why is Nutrisystem so successful and why should you avoid it?

Nutrisystem does work and the real key is the portion-controlled meals. You pay quite a bit for some company to tell you how much you can eat. It makes sense, less food equals less fat. So what is the problem?

It is difficult to leave

Diet programs like this are difficult to leave. Sure they will help you lose weight, but if you stop you are likely to put the weight back on. That is why Nutrisystem has been around so long. Their customers have trouble leaving. Who wants to be on a diet for the rest of their lives?

If you do want to stop, you need to learn how to eat healthy portion controlled meals where you control the portion size.

Portion control yourself from the start

So if you will have to control your own portions in the end, why not start straight away and not pay Nutrisystems the fee for doing so. The same will-power that keeps you following the Nutrisystems way is enough to control your own portions.

Use smaller plates

There are many tips online on how you can reduce the amount you eat. The simplest is to use smaller plates. Another tip is to always dish yourself up what you are going to eat first and never go back for seconds.

Freeze your own meals

If you like having portion controlled food when you are hungry, cook tomorrows dinner after you finish tonight’s. Once it is cooked, separate it into portions and freeze them ready for dinner tomorrow.


If Nutrisystem is going to work for you, so will controlling your own portion size and saving your money instead.

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