How music relax you during study?

Science has found that music is quite good for health. Blasting those beats, and cranking the favorite tunes calm our mind and sooth our ears because "music is good for you"!

During my study <a href="https://www.assignmenthelpexperts.com/">Assignment Help</a> , I usually like to listen to my favorite tunes which actually provide relax to my mind. In fact, I have observed incensement in the rate of healing, and improvement in the memory functioning. Just like music have a calming effect on the mind, it can also relax our body. A recent research by Stanford University has found that music has an ability to change the functioning of brain to the same level as meditation. Because music is not costly and easily accessible, it proves to be a great stress reduction source for me especially during my examinations.

Usually, being a student, my stress level goes high in the middle of a busy semester. This provides me a great reason to revise my class notes with music playing. It amazingly reduces my anxiety. Another study has also revealed that students should listen to music as they have more tension regarding examinations and results, and often lost their concentration. Music calms down their stress level by decreasing their blood pressure, anxiety, and heart beats. I love to listen to slow songs to combat strain before heading to a lecture. It helps me performing better in the situations of high pressure, for example bi-annual finals week. Upbeat tunes recharges my mind instantly rather than distracting here and there. Thus, I find myself more active, focused, and relaxed during study time. The researchers have also found that music involves our brain and stimulates to pay more attention. Moreover, the choice of music also plays an important role on brain processing by increasing its ability to retain more information for longer.

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