10 ways to get a lower price in stores

When you are buying an item from a store worth more than $100, it can be very worthwhile to ask the salesman if you can get a discount. To get a discount, you will need a good reason. Here are some well used reasons.

Regular customer
If you shop at the same store, it is likely that people will start to recognize you. See if you can get a discount for continuing to be a regular customer
Buying other items at the same time
The more items you buy, the more profit the store makes. See if you can get another item cheaper with your purchase.
Pay by cash
It costs stores money to accept Credit Cards. pay by cash if it gets you a discount.
Point out prices of competitors
If there are cheaper prices around, many stores will try to beat them.
Offer services in return
If you have any services you can offer, it might get you a discount.
Refer others in return
Ask if you can get a 10% discount if your refer someone else and they mention your name when buying something.
Write a good review
Anyone can publish things online. Tell them that you will write a good review and place it online.
Ask if short term advertised prices can be extended for you
Many sales only are for a limit time. If a sale is about to or has ended, ask if you can get an extension.
Ask if there are any sales coming up
There might be a half price sale tomorrow
Corporate Discounts
If you have a store or service, see if your employees can get a discount if you give their employees a discount.
Use someone else's good looks
If you know someone who is really good looking, see if they can get a discount from the teenager at the counter.
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