Importance of a good logo

Every business has one, that little graphic displayed on everything they produce. Although a logo may look just like a stylistic name, it can mean brand recognition to a company.

Brand recognition

Many logos are designed on the cheap, with little thought given to them. Other companies like Macintosh, Xerox, and Lucent spent upwards of half a million dollars each to develop their logos. Then countless millions more to promote them. What they got for their money are symbols that are recognized instantly, around the world. You don't even need to see a name - the symbol is enough.

Polished look

A good logo helps a company have a clean, professional, polished look. The more clean, stylistic and original a logo is, the more chance there is that it will stand out from the competition and help get those extra sales.

Hard to design a good logo

Although it may seem simple, a logo is very hard to design. When you create a logo, you must take an entire company and everything it stands for and refine it down to a simple, graphic representation. It's the ultimate design challenge.

What made Nike choose a single tick?

The Nike tick is simple and clean, but original enough to be recognized by logo alone.

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