7 tips for keeping your desk messy

A messy desk is a sign of creativity and imagination. There is something about a messy desk that makes it look like work has been done. Many of the smartest people in history were so involved in their work that they did not bother to tidy things like their desk.

A desk that is too clean and tidy gives the impression that you have no on-going work and might need more work. You can have that, so here are some tips to keep your desk messy.

Scrap paper

Leave scrap paper in a messy pile on your desk where there is empty space. A clean empty space is known to collect unwanted items, so am to have no empty space.

Paper stacks

Why waste time getting up and putting something into a filing cabinet? Instead place in very large piles on your desk. This will also give you a bit more privacy if you start adding boxes to the piles and they are stacked high enough.

Post-it notes

Use post-it notes to remind yourself of what you need to do. You should not be able to see the frame of your monitor.

Keep print-outs

Instead of reading something on the computer, print it out. When you are finished with the print-outs, just add them to another stack on your desk for random crap.

Never plan to clean your desk

If you plan to clean your desk, you have too much time on your hands and can't be getting enough work done. Stop procrastinating.

Keep lots of pens

As your desk becomes messier, you may lose a few pens here and there. Make sure that there are enough pens on your desk so that this is not a problem.

Coffee cup challenge

Have a coffee cup challenge with one of your co-workers to see who can leave the most coffee cups on their desk.

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