Natural and artificial intelligence distinguished

What is the difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence?

The difference between natural intelligence (e.g human intelligence) and artificial intelligence is hard to define, as not much is known about natural intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn, just like natural intelligence (NI). When programmed to, Artificial Intelligence can sense changes in its environment and react accordingly. It can then refer to the ways it reacted to previous changes to help decide what to do the next time a similar change occurs.

Both Artificial Intelligence and natural intelligence are mortal. Like humans, Artificial Intelligence can cease working and all that is needed is a natural or man-made disaster to occur.

One big difference between Artificial Intelligence and natural intelligence is the fact that natural intelligence can forget and lose information. Artificial Intelligence could do this if it was program to do so, but this would be counter-productive.

Another big difference is accuracy. Artificial Intelligence, when given the same information can be exact, every time with speed. When natural intelligence is given the same information, it can not be as exact, and is slower.

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