Signs that Say She's Not Interested

For many guys, dating a girl can be as confusing as it is fun. Many men think that women are hard to figure out and understand. For example, a common gripe is that women say what they don't mean. They say things that have hidden messages or subtle meaning. They expect you to read their minds. It can be complicated, for certain. However, whena woman is not interested, the signs are clear.

Its important to pay attention to the kind of vibe a women is giving you when in a relationship or when interested in starting one. While she may not come outright and say she wants to be left alone, there are other ways to tell that may help you to bow out gracefully before letting her call the shots.

She's Not Laughing

A woman who is interested in a guy will laugh at almost everything he says. She will touch him arm, look directly into his eyes and smile frequently. A woman that is not interested will slap a fake smile on her face without laughing, politely tolerate what is being said (if you're lucky) and make an excuse to leave as soon as possible. Unless you're at a funeral, if a woman is not laughing, walk away.

In a relationship, having a sense of humour is an important tool to keep things fresh and to weather the ups and downs that will come. When a woman stops being able to laugh at the little things, it may be time to re-evaluate the direction of the relationship. This alone may not signify a potential reason for breaking up, however it's a sure sign that there are problems that need to be addressed. Simply put - if a woman is laughing, she's happy. If she's not, she's not.

She's Difficult to Please

If a woman is not interested, nothing you can do or say will please her. She'll have a comment, usually a critical one, about everything from how you dress to who your friends are. Go ahead and take it personally and walk away with your self-esteem still in tact. If a man will not walk away on his own, a woman will use her words to chase him away.

While some people are just difficult to please anyway, in a relationship, a woman who is no longer interested will have a noticeable change in this behaviour. It will heighten or come to an extreme place. A man will start to feel whipped and emotionally drained from following around a woman who will never stops to let him catch up. Its important to address this behaviour and get to the cause because it may be a sign that its time to jump ship and swim for calmer shores.

She Always Has Her Friends Around

Friends are a great buffer. A woman who is not interested doesn't want to be alone with you. Whether you're in a relationship or just getting to know each other, a group of friends that won't go away is a sure sign that she's looking for a way out. A woman who is interested will tell them to leave and not to wait up.

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