Tips for purchasing drums

You have decided it is the right time to buy your son/daughter a drum set to encourage them to develop a love for music and hopefully learn to play well. There are many options available to the consumer that it becomes difficult to decide where to go. First rule of thumb, don't be fooled by the cheap toy drum sets. These are the sets that come in a box and run around $40. Even if you aren't sure your child will take a serious interest in playing drums, purchasing a quality drum kit is worth paying for.

Toy drum kits are of low quality and not put together in a manner that can withstand the hard playing that all drums inevitably sustain, especially when being played by smaller children. These kits are likely to become destroyed before your child has even had a chance to grow fond of the skill required for playing a good rhythm.

You can find beginner drum kits that will help to reduce your costs and last for years to come. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

Buy Brand Names

Drums that are made by popular brands are going to hold up against the wear and tear of any drum enthusiast and come with a warranty. Other benefits to buying brand names include ease of buying replacement parts, higher trade-in and resale value as well as competitive service. When you are considering which drum kit to purchase always consider your money spent as an investment, so be sure to purchase a quality case to protect it.

Buying Kits vs. Individual Pieces

There are many things to consider when you are going out to purchase your first drum set, especially for beginners. In most cases it is wise to purchase a kit rather than individual pieces. Kits are available in a variety of sets. The standard basic set includes 5 pieces however you can purchase 4 or even 3 piece sets to better suit your needs. Some kits come fully equipped with stands, cymbals, pedals, thrones, and everything you could possibly need while others are sold without hardware. If you are a beginner take advantage of the knowledgeable staff available to help you pick the right kit for your needs.

Getting Started With Your New Drum Set

When you first begin to play, whether you are a youngster or an older beginner there is a bare minimum you will need to get started. These include:

  • Kick Drum (with pedal)

  • Snare Drum (with stand)

  • Tom Drum (usually mounted on kick drum by an arm)

  • Pair of Hi-Hat Cymbals (on stand with pedal)

  • Throne (a round seat allowing for height adjustment)

  • Pair of Drumsticks

When considering your cymbal, some players may prefer two instead of the hi-hat mentioned above. This is due to having the ride cymbal used for continual rhythm playing and the crash cymbal used for the big bang during a song. Having two cymbals is ideal however one will do the job to get you started.

Buy Your Snare drums first

For those that are taking the plunge and buying a more advanced drum set be sure to purchase your Snare drum first. This is by far the most important drum in your set and is worth paying extra money to ensure a high quality drum.

Flashy displays can be dangerous

Stores are good for flashy displays that often lead consumers to purchase what looks cool over what sounds best. Enter your music store with your eyes closed and ears open. You are buying for sound quality not visual pleasure.

Get Quality Pedals and Stands

When you are purchasing individual pieces take the time to find good, quality stands. The sturdiest stands are double-braced and can withstand aggressive playing. The same goes for your drum pedal. Don't settle for cheap costs. It could lead to a cheap pedal.

Finding The perfect seat

When selecting your throne (seat) there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The seat needs to be adjustable to accommodate the player. If they can't properly reach the kick and hi-hat then they will be unable to play half of the drum kit. The use of a round padded throne gives the player the ability to pivot as they reach for higher cymbals. The padded throne also offers comfort for those long playing hours.

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