Avoiding negative body language

You can tell a lot from a persons body language. In the right conditions, you can tell if someone is sad, shy, angry, tired, bored or even interested.

Some body language is automatic, and nearly impossible to control. If something is very funny, it is hard to stop at least a smile from crossing your face. Other body language is easy to control if you are aware of it. Try to be aware of the following examples of body language when you are on your next date.

  • Eye contact. Make sure that you are not avoiding eye contact. Try to look people in the eyes when you are greeting, listening or talking to them.

  • Speak clearly. If you are tired or a bit shy, you can start to mumble. Try to think what you are going to say and then say it clearly.

  • Relax. Try to avoid drumming your fingers, excessively scratching, fiddling with items in your pocket and always looking around the room. This makes you look like you are not enjoying yourself.

  • Posture. Stand tall and proud. If you do not feel confident about yourself and what you are saying, why should anyone else?

  • Use your hands. Hands and gestures are a great tool to help you explain yourself and communicate. Evasive or secretive people do not tend to show their hands as much.

  • Maintain non-defensive body language. Actions like folding your arms across your chest when the room is not cold, and having your body facing towards a door can be seen as defensive body language. Try to avoid this.

  • Keep your hands away from your face. Resting your head on your hands makes you look bored and rubbing your nose, ears, eyes, neck or head has been shown to indicate doubt.

  • Use facial expressions. Try to vary your facial expressions a bit to make her aware that you are listening to her. Also be careful you do not stop blinking when you gaze into her eyes.

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