Inferiority complex

The nature doesn't believe in similarity. It creates every human being with a unique quality or feature. Even twins are different to each other in many ways. We need to identify our unique quality and develop it further to outshine others. Here we become superior to others. Therefore inferiority complex is irrational. If you have one unique quality that is superior to others how can you be inferior? In spite of this truth many persons suffer from the misery of inferiority complex.

The Biggest Hurdle

Mostly persons develop inferiority complex when they are obsessed with their weaknesses. They always keep thinking that others are superior to them. They often get nervous while talking to others - especially if the opposite person is talking confidently. It is difficult for them to appear before an interview board. They perspire, their mind gets clouded and speaking normally becomes a herculean task for them. Inferiority complex becomes their biggest hurdle on the way to success or progress. Fortunately they can get rid of this problem easily.

What is Your Unique Quality

Write down your good qualities or plus points on a paper. Spare some time to think about the quality or ability that is better than others. And try to develop that quality as much as you can.

If you have your own views on several matters and you like to write then start writing. Maintain a diary or register for it and write daily. You can also write in the file created in your computer. You can try to get some of your creations printed in newspapers or magazines. If your voice is sweet you can impress others by polite talk. You can also learn singing. You may even learn to play on any musical instrument in case you have a desire. If you are good at making drawing or painting then shine this ability by adequate training and practice. Join an art and painting school. If you have interest in computer then learn it by joining an academy. If you love solving the sums then aim to become master of mathematics. People will definitely recognize your talent and you will be admired. It will also help you to make a good career in the field of your interest.

Miraculous Effect On Personality

It is rule of the nature that every one has something unique in him or her. When you improve its strength by regular study and practice a feeling will develop in your heart that you are better than so many other persons at least in one field. You can't even imagine at present the miraculous effect it will have on your personality. You will start gaining confidence and gradually become free from inferiority complex. Your negative thinking about yourself built this complex and the strength of your unique trait will dismantle it.

Use Affirmation

According to Norman Vincent Peale, one of the greatest motivators and advocates of positive thinking in America, affirmations have immense power over our personality. We can also use them to weaken the grip of inferiority complex. Here is a good affirmation to help you to gain confidence and come out of the clutches of inferiority complex: "I am a unique creation of God. I have many good qualities. I love myself. My positive mind will help me to attain my aim in life" Repeat it 10 times before going to sleep and after getting up in the morning. Your inferiority complex will fly away from you in a short period.

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