Why she will not call you back

The main reason she does not call you back is probably because you are doing something that doesn't agree with her. You may be coming at the whole relationship from the traditional or 'courtship' behavior, and this may be leading her to just drop you as soon a she can.

She has other men on hand who are ready to do many things for her and all she has to do is ask them. They will drive her around, fill her stomach, even buy her things and all they get in return is a kiss on the cheek or a hug in the hopes of something more.

And all of that is if she wants to keep you around as one of her boy girlfriends. You will be categorized just like all of her other friends like this if you are even so lucky. All of this is stemming from the wrong frame of relationship in the first place.

When you start courting her, she knows that she has the power especially because of the actions you do to buy her attention almost 'paying' to around her. If you are more of the wussy friend, then you may talk to her a lot and she'll tell you about all of the problems she's having with her 'jerk' boyfriends.

It is true you can have REAL friendships with these women with no ulterior motive other than friendship. This is healthy. These women are my equals and I have several of these relationships. I highly recommend..be a socially adept man.

'Courting her' is really boring to her and she will often just not return your calls even if you are a nice guy with a lot to offer; purely because of the relationship approach that you took.

Dating dynamics have changed in our modern society. Being really traditional and expecting a woman to be interested in you when you take this approach which used to work ( but remember times have changed), is full of all kinds of expectations and is often too much pressure for her to handle even if you are a great catch. This is really why millions of American women are dumping great guys every week.

On the other hand, if you are starting the frame of the relationship on a different level which may be more closer towards an accelerated mating process of attraction, there will be a lot less pressure when done correctly because the entire dynamics are naturally based and without heavy consequence.

When you take a woman out on a date she all of a sudden now senses she is obligated to do something in return because you have paid for her attention. Usually this is just letting you kiss her on the hand or a hug, and because she does not want to deal with all of the pressure of you following her around after she might decide to let you sleep with her. Her anxiety will build up as well as yours, but she isn't thinking about 'you'.

As in the movie Swingers, when Mikey gets a girl's number at the bar and then calls her immediately when he gets home, he is just oozing interest and a high level of expectation. This is a lot of pressure especially for a beautiful woman because she does not know if or when she will be able to get rid of you if she takes things further with you. This is the explanation of why most women will not call you back.

There are also other reasons why she finally just isn't interested in you any more due to her social persona or whatever. If you are in a 50-50 relationship she may resent that you have given her most of the power; this is how two of my American x-girlfriends have broken up with me; I let them just go ahead and have the power in the relationship with me just kind of going along with things (knowing I wasn't being myself and just keeping everything inside).

And this led to the relationship's demise. Usually sooner or later she will lose interest in you if she can not be naturally attracted to you or if the power shifts too much in her favor.

One of the main reason traditional relationships stay together is because a man is being a man and a woman is being a traditional woman. Because of the essential role reversal that is now pervasive in our society everything and everyone has gotten confused.

There is going to be drama in any type of long-term relationship with an independent and especially beautiful woman - guaranteed. The chance that she will give up a lot of her freedom and newfound rights to be more like her traditional and simpler counterpart throughout the rest of the world, is very slim despite her birthright desire still to raise children.

The inability for her to give up a lot of her freedoms and play her more biological role of just being a mother leads to nagging, the gene, griping that many American married men will tell you about (especially if they are divorced).

I do not want to give relationship advice for men in 50-50 relationships with women, because I do not deal with that kind of drama in my life. You will find that if you can just be a man and living your reality, you will attract women to you who will want to stay around you and will not have to question why she is not calling you because she will be calling you more often than you will be calling her.

This is really the way it is supposed to be. She is the one who is supposed to be hanging by you and that's what she wants to do despite what feminists say. Just look at women who are around men; they will often choose men who are not nice guys now and they will be calling them because 'there's something about them'. Women don't have to understand this but you do. You can give them those feelings by truly being yourself (on the universal understanding level).

If you can just be a natural or a man that creates attraction and desire within women, you will have them calling you a lot more often and you will not be wondering why no one ever calls. Hey I've gone through it in the past as well with American women.

It is his energy of essentially giving her the power and choice in the relationship which she ultimately resents it will not call you back for; in that sense some things have never changed. Women are still women beneath their hard edged socially developed exterior.

If you want to learn how to have women calling you, then make sure you check out my ultimate resource 'Mens Guide to Women'. If she can just be around a man who is 100% comfortable around her without letting her perceived socially acceptable appearance get in the way, she will be magnetically attracted to you.

There is a lot of leverage that is giving her this power that is already natural anyways. It is up to you to take advantage of this to give both you and her what you are looking for. This is the opposite of how Mikey reacted after he got back from the club.

In fact in a movie you will notice that his ex-girlfriend finally called him back when he officially let her go by taking the other call from his new girlfriend. This is not too far from the truth of reality.

Somehow women just know (as in the opening sequence of the movie). He was emotionally hanging on to her for too long, giving her the power in the relationship; this is not the biological order, he was being a wussy. When you really get things 'in order' women will be calling you and other women will start calling you all of a sudden (interesting..).

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