What music does for stress

Music has the scientifically proved power to offer great health and stress relief benefits. It is an amazing stress relief tool because you can use it in your daily life activities and attain many stress relief benefits on your own. One of the utmost music advantages as a stress reliever is that it can be used while you go on with your regular activities so that it really doesn’t take time away from your busy schedule. Here you can find some of the  ways you can actually use music to relieve stress and improve your every day activities.

Knowing all the ways in which music acts upon your whole body, you probably already clearly see the ways music may be used as a powerful relaxation and stress management means. Apart from the many physical changes music may bring it is also especially beneficial in relaxation and stress management because it can be used in the following ways:

Music and physical relaxation

Music may promote tense muscles relaxation, enabling you to easily release some of the tension you carry from a stressful day or even from a longer period of time.

Music helps in stress relief activities

Music can help you get “into the zone” mood when practicing yoga, self-hypnosis and it can help you feel energized when exercising, help stress disappear when you’re soaking in the bath tub and be an important part of many other stress relief activities.

Music and a Meditative State

As stated earlier, music may help your brain get into a meditative phase, bringing wonderful stress relief benefits with it. For those who consider being quite shy and  intimidating, music can be an easier alternative.

Music to Promote a Positive Focus

Music, especially up beating songs, may take your mind off what stresses you helping you feel more confident and positive thinking. This practice helps you release the stress and may even keep you from getting as stressed and agitated over life’s small frustrations in the future.

Music and self-affirmations

The perspective you have on the world and the type of self talk you usually use may also have a profound effect on your stress level. This is why positive affirmations that create more positive self talk are highly beneficial.

Music with affirming lyrics may bring the double advantages of music and positive thoughts, helping you to be surrounded by positive energies and more often look at the bright side, leaving stressful events behind more easily.

These are some of the reasons that music relaxation is among the easiest and most effective forms of relaxation available, and music is such a great stress management tool.

Here are some of the effects music has on your body and mind, helping you explain the success of music therapy:

Influencing the brain waves

It has been scientifically proved that music with a strong beat may stimulate brain waves to resonate in sync with the beat, with faster beats bringing sharper focusing and more alert thinking, and a slower tempo promoting a calm, meditative mood. 

In addition, specialists have discovered that the change in brain wave activity levels that music may promote can also enable the brain to change speeds more easily on its own when needed, meaning that music can bring long lasting benefits to your state of mind, even after you have stopped listening. 

Breathing and the heart rate

With alterations in brainwaves it appears another change in some of the body functions. Those driven by the autonomic nervous system, such as breathing and heart rate can also be damaged by the changes music may bring. Basically it means slower breathing, slower heart rate and an activation of the relaxation response.

This is why music and music therapy can help balance or prevent the harmful effects of chronic stress, strongly promoting not only relaxation, but overall health. 

A state of mind

Music is also considered to bring a more positive state of mind, helping to keep depression and anxiety at bay. This can be useful in preventing stress response from wreaking damages on the body and may keep creativity and optimism levels higher, bringing many other advantages.

Other music benefits

Music has also been discovered to have many other beneficial effects, such as lowering the blood pressure that can also reduce the risk of heart attacks and other health problems over time, boost the immunity level, ease muscle tension, and more. 

With so many benefits and such profound physical effects, it’s no surprise that so many people are seeing music more and more as an important instrument to help the body in staying or becoming healthy and strong.

Using music therapy

With all these advantages that music carries along, it would only come as natural that music therapy is growing in popularity. It is often found as part of stress management programs or used together with exercises and it is used in a large variety of health care settings with very good results in both short-term conditions and more serious long-term ones.

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