Confidence, posture and the first impression

Ask any woman - the first thing they look for in a man is confidence. It turns them on. It's worthwhile to fake it even if he doesn't quite feel it, so he can create that positive first impression with good posture. But he has to strike the right balance.

Looking confident doesn't mean strutting around - confidence shows up as a comfortably erect posture without trying too hard. Women know the difference between being over-confident and easy confidence. They can intuitively pick the right ones - so practice being at ease or she will think you are a tease!

Men who are confident look into the women's eyes when they talk to them while those that are not will seem shifty eyed. Confident guys are relaxed, their hands are at the sides or on the table - they don't keep touching themselves or something. They speak clearly and are not too loud or too soft, and generally seem to be clear-headed.

The cocky guy usually talks about himself - and you can be sure that no woman likes that. Confident men have pleasant expressions on their face while the guy who is not, seems to have silly mannerisms. You'll find that confident men are focused in their thoughts and action - while the ones that are not don't even seem to think they need one!

So guys, make sure that you try and appear confident if you want to make that crucial first impression. Think about things that make you confidence and you will make it a way of life, and make it come naturally.

Other Things You Can Do To Appear Attractive To Her

Appear groomed - dress with care. This makes you feel secure and increases your confidence. There's nothing worse than being sloppy and then feeling inferior. It's terrible to attract a woman's attention by looking awful instead of by looking great. To her, a sloppy guy means a guy who doesn't care about himself, so obviously he's not going to care about someone else. So take care of that hair, and the rest of you.

Don't appear nervous. And try not to smoke before or while meeting her. You may think it makes you look confident, but it doesn't. And I don't know any woman who loves bad breath, yet!

Talking nonstop is irritating. It makes you look nervous and not in control of yourself. Instead, ask interesting questions, encouraging her to talk, too. It makes a great impression when you area good listener. And you appear more interesting to her when she realizes she's done most of the talking.

Confidence has to show from within. So think along those lines, only then will it show in your actions. Your facial expressions will show it, and so will your posture. You will not slouch. Instead you will stand erect and ready for anything, with pleasure. Self-talk helps. Tell yourself you look fabulous today and feel good about yourself. And it is easier to do, when you actually do look good, which is where the grooming comes in.

It's what the experts call 'programming for success'. When you make it a habit, it comes spontaneously.

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