How to make dates fun and exciting

Obviously, when you enjoy every moment of a date, the relationship becomes fun and exciting. The more effort you put in to make them so, the more you’ll cherish the memories. In fact, one exciting date lays the foundation for the next one. Women enjoy dates that include fun, some intimacy and the excitement of discovery.

Start off with a plan. If your woman is an online date, one good way is to discuss it with her so that the two of you can put together some ideas that both will enjoy. There used to be a time when it was entirely up to the man to do all the planning, but not any more. It is quite all right to consult the woman about what she’d like to do – and with some compromise and a variety of choice, you’ll definitely come up with something that will make both of you want to see each other again!

Bringing in the thrill

Whether it’s the first time or subsequent dates, the classic coffee date always works. The sheer casual atmosphere of the coffee date is its whole charm. You are not under pressure, but at the same time, there’s the simmering attraction where both of you know you can reach out and touch any time. You can flirt, you can laugh over a lot of things, and generally develop closeness without the hassle of being obliged to do it. Unlike cozy dinner dates, neither of you are forced to anything that the other may or may not enjoy in terms of intimacy. You meet as equals and become comfortable in each other’s company, grow to trust each other and everything else will build on that.

Sporty type?

If she enjoys sports, it really can be great fun to go together and play pool, video arcades, etc. But avoid getting competitive with each other – remember you are trying to make your date fun and exciting – and that’s exactly what you should be having – fun. In this playful situation, with a lot of laughter, it is very easy for her to think about the next step – leading to something more intimate. Another exciting idea is to take her for ice-skating or hang gliding or hot-air ballooning. If she doesn’t know how you can always show her. This gives you a great adrenalin rush, as well as bringing you physically close together now, paving the way for physical intimacy later.

But whatever idea you dream up, just keep in mind that your goal is to build attraction and more dates.  Also, the focus must be on having a great time together. How about carrying a camera with you and clicking pictures of the wonderful time you have together? You can always suggest meeting up again to take a look at the pictures.

More than anything else, ensure that you don’t fake your personality when you meet her – it’s the worst thing for a woman not to be able to trust a guy. So – be natural, let her like you for who you are.

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