Why wimps are dating losers

Let’s face it – a guy who lacks confidence, cant make up is mind, is wishy-washy – in short – a WIMP makes a lousy date. This kind of guy puts so much pressure on the woman they claim to care for, it’s only a matter of time before the woman realizes it and walks away.


The problem with wimps is they come across as very insecure, which is irritating. They just seem to hang around and cling a lot and that’s boring. These men are so passive that they don’t even realize the woman does not want to be with them. And when the woman does make the first move to tell them they’d better break up, these men act even more pathetic. A woman can never continue to be friends with them because then these men resort to emotionally blackmailing them.

This insecurity in wimps manifests itself as a desperate urge to be liked, and they do anything to get someone’s attention. It makes the woman doubt whether the guy really loves them or whether he is just trying to get her attention. Women generally get attracted to men who are self-confident, caring and pleasant.  Wimps have an inferiority complex and if they don’t like themselves, how can they care for someone else? Because of their tendency to cling, they even try to get the woman’s attention by buying her gifts. Even if they have romance on their mind, they don’t show it at the right time – and end up being an overdose when least wanted or too passive at the wrong moment. It’s their sheer tendency to hang around trying to bring up the courage to speak up that makes them such terrible dates.

Desperate to please

Wimps are always eager to please. They seldom care about themselves and tend to treat their women like goddesses, when all women want is to be treated like normal human beings. Wimps are afraid that when the woman is not with them, she might be drawn to some other guy. They seem very perverse in their thought process.

Insecure guys tend to be indecisive. When they are out on a date, they let the woman make all the decisions. This puts pressure on the woman. Worse still, the wimp will blame his date if something goes wrong. Also, these guys wont express themselves if they are bothered by something or tell the woman what they expect. They are afraid that they might be rejected in case the woman does not like what they say. They end up agreeing with everything the woman says and if the woman does not appreciate this behaviour, they complain.

Everyone likes a relationship where both partners have equal responsibility. Women are no different. The problem with the wimp is he is afraid he will lose the woman.

Wimps tend to pick on women with problems under the mistaken impression that they are doing them a great favour. They expect the woman to be grateful for this sort of ‘sacrifice’. Wimps tend to be more obsessed than involved, and that makes them awful dates. Insecurity and obsessiveness turn off women. They prefer men who believe in themselves and give them space.

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