Clean your messy car

Some of the messiest cars around are owned by single and divorced men. If you have a smelly, messy and overall dirty car, you can forget any hope of getting second dates.

Women like everything to be clean, and single women judge you on how clean and tidy you, your car and your place is on a first date. Making her feel dirty will leave a bad impression that is going to last. It will show her that you are disorganised, or that you do not care enough about her to clean things up before the date.

Next time you take a lady out on a date, spend a moment cleaning up your car. Wash the windows, throw out the rubbish, and empty the ash tray if you smoke.

An idea is to buy a small basket for your rubbish and organisers to keep your pens, notepad and sunglasses organised.

If you are a smoker or your car has a damp and musty smell about it, buy some air freshener. There is nothing worse than having to sit in someone else's car that stinks.

Make sure the glove compartment is also clean. Women have this habit of digging around in an attempt to find out more about you.

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