Signs of lying

You many not realise it, but people are telling you lies every day. These lies range from small fibs to deliberate attempts to deceive you. Only when you know what to look for will you realise the extent that some people lie and the people that do not lie.

The following list are clues that someone may be lying to you. Please note that even though someone may show many of these signs, there is still a chance that they are telling the truth.

Tense body language
Honest people tend to have a more relaxed posture what they are speaking. If someone is not good at lying, they might have tense body language.
Less eye contact
It is easier to tell a lie if you do not look into a person's eyes.
Story is inconsistent
It is common for lies to be made up on the spot. This means that their story may not add up and make total sense. If they tell you a different story each time, there is something they are not telling you.
Unlikely story
Unlikely things do happen, but they are just that; Unlikely. If someone's story sounds too good to be true, chances are that they are lying.
Lapses in recall
Honest people are not always good storytellers or have a good memory. The most honest person may still stammer, stutter and repeat themselves. This can still be an early warning. If parts are missing from a story or they stammer, stutter or repeat themselves, they may be lying.
People do not lie unless they have a reason to. Try to think why a person may lie. The more motivation a person has to lie the greater the chances they are lying.
Overstated friendliness/laughing
This is to make you more friendly towards them so that there is more chance that you believe them.
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