Most Important Body Language Signal

There are many body language signals that can make a significant difference to your success with girls:

  • The way you walk

  • The way you stand

  • Your gestures

There is one body language signal that is most important when picking up girls and leaving a lasting impression. It is one of the first things that people notice and the one they will remember the most. It is your smile.

The amazing thing about a smile is the large effect it can make. A normal guy can suddenly become likeable by putting on a smile. Mr normal guy can also become sexier just by smiling. As an example, just try to think of the last time you saw a model without a smile.

The idea that a smile can win over a heart is not new. It is commonly practised and performed by actors, politicians and even the smooth talking salesman who talked you into your last big purchase.

A smile improves your chances with girls by telling them "I am happy, being around me will make you happy". A smile is the biggest girl magnet.

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