What Are Some Ideas For A Date

A successful date depends on many factors. While what you actually do and how well you plan it can have an effect, chemistry and spontaneity is equally as important.

We all wish to leave a lasting impression on those we date. The most efficient way of doing this is to make sure your partner has a good time. Whether they love watching movies at home or eating sushi at a fancy restaurant, you should aim for fulfilling their wishes and not your own.

Take your love interest's personality and hobbies into account when you plan the details of your future date. Also make sure that you prepare her sufficiently for what is in store. While a lot of people enjoy surprises, it is not fun to show up in high heels and a short dress for a hike in the forest.


Laughing together is a bonding experience. You can safely assume your date has been successful if she laughs and has fun. Who doesn't want to end the night in high spirits with a smile on their face? Being entertained will also take the pressure off both of you and avoid awkward silence.

Go wall climbing

Maybe there is a climbing wall in your area open for the public? It doesn't matter if neither of you have done it before, you can learn together. You can also enjoy the beautiful view while you spot her.

Play video games

Visit an arcade and play together. Racing games where you can compete side by side or air hockey to face each other head on should get you laughing and bonding in no time.

Cover her in paint

Check if there is a paintball field near you and lure out your date's competitive edge. Nothing says love like firing paint at each other, right?

Sign up for a dance class

Salsa, ballroom or tango; anything that will get you close to each other and having fun. If she is a good sport she will love your initiative and chances are you can make use of your newfound skills during a future date.


If she is interested in culture, you may want to share an experience with her. Going to a concert, a movie or a play will give you something to talk about over dinner afterwards.

Go to a jazz club

Live music, good drink and a nice atmosphere may secure the success of your date. It helps if you know a little about the music, as it will spark conversation and give you a chance to impress.

Visit a local art exhibit

Local artists need your support and you may even find a new favorite photographer, painter or sculptor in your own area. The best cultural experiences come when you widen your horizons and do something different than your regular routine. Afterwards you can bash or praise the exhibit with your date.

Take her to a book signing

If she loves to read and you know her taste in books, surprise her by taking her to a book signing you think she will like. It is also the perfect excuse to give her a little gift, as she will need a copy of the book. Make sure you sign it as well, it will be a great memory later on.


Romance can be so much more than candle lights and fireplaces, though both will help you set the right mood. Whether you want to go all out or keep it intimate, the key is to make your date feel truly special. Good romance requires both planning and spontaneity.

Take her to watch the sunrise/sunset

Nothing screams romance like spending the beginning or end of a day together. This idea requires a spot with a beautiful view where you can be alone together, such as the local beach or park.

Hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride can be a wonderful and romantic experience, assuming neither you or your date is afraid of heights. Bring a picnic basket or a bottle of wine and enjoy the unique view from high up.

A night at a hotel

Book a room (or two) at a classy hotel not too far away. Call in advance and make sure that strawberries and champagne is waiting for you for that “Pretty Woman” feel. For dinner you order in room service. Intimate and romantic, though expensive.


Maybe you both enjoy the thrill of the outdoors? Then camping, sailing or rock climbing might be right up your alley. Just make sure she is dressed for the occasion and fit to join you in your adventure.

Serve her a three-course meal in the woods

There is no reason to forget the romance just because you have taken her camping. Plan ahead and cook a three-course meal over the bonfire. She is likely to be impressed, however simple you make each dish.

Bungee jumping

Feel the rush of the wind on your faces and watch the ground approach at amazing speed. Maybe you can even jump together?

Go mountain biking

Rent the bikes and take off on a bumpy ride in the forest. Any potential nervousness will disappear as you concentrate on balancing your bikes through the tracks. Make sure to bring water, her favorite snack and some band aids.

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