What women want from men

The question has had men scratching their heads for centuries – What is it women want? No amount of research has given a final answer. No wonder! Women are as different as men. Some are attracted to robust body types, some like them slim. Some want a guy with piercings and tattoos, others without. One girl's dream guy can dance all night, another's can finish a novel in one evening.

Confusing? Not really. It simply means that there are so many preferences, everyone has a match out there. That's good news!

However, there seems to be a few traits the majority of women find attractive and look for in a future partner.

Appealing looks and an individual style

Some women are hesitant to mention physical attractiveness when they talk about potential partners, but it does play a role. Fortunately, their preferences in this respect vary greatly, sometimes even from one relationship to the next.

Nevertheless, many list white, healthy teeth and a well-groomed appearance high up on the list. Landing a dashing dresser with an individual style is also important to some. Cleanliness is however essential - good hygiene is an absolute must when dealing with the opposite sex.

Stable finances

While it may seem like riches and fame attracts women, a recent internet study done by klikk.no, a Norwegian e-magazine, suggests that they look for stability. 81 percent listed income as unimportant or of little importance. A high salary and a fat bank account is not a necessity when it comes to romance and dating, in other words. However, more than 80 % said good credit rating and responsible budgeting as vital.

Confidence and charm

There is no doubt that charismatic personalities tend to attract more women. Self-confident with a positive outlook on life is mentioned and valued by many.

It also helps if you know what you want and aren't afraid to voice it. Apparently, the “weaker sex” loves opinionated guys who willingly share their feelings or dive into an intelligent discussion. Equally important is being a good listener and kindness. Women want to be respected, appreciated and heard by their partners.

Close to all women set “a good sense of humour” as one of their criteria. Good is a relative term, the important part is that it matches hers. If you make the woman of your dreams laugh, you are well on your way to being her ideal date.

Attention and romance

The chick-flicks aren't lying – women love romance. While it doesn't necessarily have to involve expensive dates or a hundred red roses, it does require your full attention and care. Small, personal presents and light pampering is all it takes for most women to feel special. Sincere compliments that make her feel good about herself are important, both when flirting and when you are in an established relationship.

Opposites do not attract

People tend to find partners similar to themselves, a research by Cornell University in New York concluded. Women want a stable relationship and achieve this by picking partners who share their values and interests.

The survey mentioned wealth and status, family commitment, physical appearance and sexual fidelity. When asked, many women also added shared religion and similar hobbies as strategic choices they made when looking for a boyfriend or husband.

Be desirable, but stay faithful

According to a study done by University of Aberdeen, women are drawn to males desired by other women. When a man was smiled at by other females he appeared more attractive. They see it as a sign he is a quality male and change their initial impression accordingly.

That being said, almost all women asked looked for monogamous relationships and faithful men. They want to feel secure and safe. Even though an internet survey by MSNBC.com/iVillage suggested as many as 21 % of all participants had cheated on their current partner, fidelity is still high on the check list for most.

Chemistry in bed

There is no doubt sex is important – also to women. While a good relationship is a requirement for good sex, satisfying sex is also a requirement for a satisfying relationship. Being a good lover is not determined by skill or physical knowledge, but rather by your ability to adapt to and connect in the bedroom.

“Chemistry” is a word used by many and involves a number of things. Physical attraction, emotional connection and the love you have for each other will help when taking a relationship to the next level.

Women tend to describe a man who is caring and aware of her needs when asked what makes a good lover.

The bad boy myth

It is said that nice guys finish last, but it really depends where you draw the finish line. A scientific study by the New Mexico State University suggests that narcissistic and manipulative men tend to have more sex partners than other males their age. However, they suspect this is caused by the amount of encounters these men have with women. They come on to more women and therefore have an increased chance of success.

When it comes to picking long term partners women favour men who will make good fathers – at least most of the time. Research done by Charles University in Prague shows that women choose responsible and caring men when they are single or not ovulating. During ovulation, however, women in relationships preferred the scent of dominant males.

Be yourself

There is nothing wrong with self-improvement. However – sincerity, confidence and a great, big smile will get you well on your way to being someone's dream date. Be the best that you can be, but be yourself.

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