How to turn off your date

A lot of women will have their own list of what things turn them off a guy, but the following would have to be the most common. Read them carefully and take notes.

Swearing like a trooper

Try and control yourself from any profanity. It makes you seem like less of a respectable guy and she may get offended by it. If you feel the need to curse, substitute the bad word for a nicer word. Hopefully you will not be talking about anything that will give you this need in the first place. Talking about your likes on a first date is much more better and appropriate then talking about the things you dislike and feel the need to swear about.

It is always good to get into nice habits that better yourself anyway. Swearing only impressed your classmates back when you were 15. Nobody will respect you at this age if you continue that trend.

Eating with your mouth open

Nobody thinks this is attractive. If you can manage it, chew with your mouth closed. She doesn’t want to see what is inside your mouth. If you are at a restaurant or something similar, order something that you can eat in small portions. That way you won’t have to try and shove it all in your mouth at once and then have trouble chewing and swallowing it that you start to chew with your mouth open

Burping is a big turn off as well. If you need to release one, go into the nearest bathroom and do it there (along with the other kind of burp). Do not tell her that is what you are going there for. Just excuse yourself for the bathroom. It would be nice to think that guys knew this for themselves. You will all learn one day!

Checking out other women

Expect a slap in the face or for your date to just get up and leave you there. It is obvious why this would be a big turnoff for a woman. It would have to be the worst actually. It shows your date instantly that you are not only focused on her, you’re focused on the hot blonde walking behind her as well. If you are on a date with someone that you really like (hopefully you wouldn’t be looking at others), treat them like they are the only other person there. Not so much that it freaks her out, just enough to show her how interested you are. It is a winner everytime.

In conclusion guys, THINK about you’re actions before and during you’re date. Don’t be a big fake about it either. That is a turn off for some too. Pretending to be someone you’re not.

Be honest about who you are (if you are a frequent profanity user etc) but not over the top.

Keep a note of all that has been said on this subject and it will make all the difference. Memorize all the DON’T’S and you will be fine.

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