5 Easy Ways To Be More Romantic With Your Wife

Easy way to be more romantic number one: Write love notes. If you do a romantic cost-benefit analysis, love notes probably have the best return on investment of anything romantic you can do. Think about it all it takes is a few seconds and you can turn a pen and a yellow sticky note pad into romance. Write things like "you're beautiful", "I love you", "missing you", "I have a crush on you" or anything else you can think of on little notes and hide them in places your wife will find them when she least expects it. Place notes in places like her purse, her car, her makeup compact. As she finds these notes she will be reminded of you and will feel the romance. You may think it's cheesy but these little notes work.

Easy way to be romantic number two: Send flowers just because. Every now and then throw her a curveball by sending flowers just because. They don't have to be the biggest bouquet in the world, 15 or $20 will do, just hit her when she least expects it every now and then. If you do this two or three times a year, your wife will brag about how great you are and how wonderful her husband is.

Easy way to be romantic number three: Ask her out on a date. This is something so simple yet it is usually the first thing to fade away in any long-term relationship. If you've been together one-month or 100 years, you should still ask her out on a date every now and then. Make plans as if it was your first date, tell her when to be ready and possibly go wash the car or do something away from the home before the date so that you can "officially"pick her up at the scheduled time of your date. Again this may sound corny or cheesy but it will bring back those feelings she had when the relationship was new. So rather than just take your wife out to dinner next Friday, ask her if she would like to go on a date.

Easy way to be romantic number four: Take her to get her hair or nails done. This shows her that you are devoting some time just for her it may seem miserable to sit there for 45 minutes while she gets a manicure but it will show her you really care. If she asks why you're doing this, tell her it's because you love her.

Easy way to be romantic number five: Send flirty text messages. Just because you're married doesn't mean you can't flirt. So when you think of it send her a quick text message telling her how beautiful she is or how much you care about her.

You don't have to buy diamonds, you don't have to go on expensive vacations, sometimes all you need is a few notes, some free time and a little thoughtfulness and you too will be known as the world's most romantic husband.

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