Online Dating Tips – Dos and Don’ts For Girls

Girls - if you’re just starting out with online dating then these tips should help you hit the ground running.

DO: Use a good quality, recent photograph

Posting a good profile picture is the most important thing you can do when starting off in online dating. Most people scan pictures before looking closer at a profile so making sure yours is a good photo of you, and not one which is blurry, unflattering or from twenty years ago will make sure your online profile is not lost among the masses in this crucial first hurdle.

DON’T: Write an autobiography

It’s sensible to assume that most people have a fairly short attention span when it comes to flicking through online dating profiles. If you want yours to be read, therefore, your profile shouldn’t come across as a long and laborious read. Instead, use bullet points or sound bites so visitors can tell they can easily get an idea of who you are.

DO: Show your unique qualities

Too many online dating profiles say all the same things, try and steer instead towards what makes you stand out from all the other dating profiles out there. Common terms to avoid include ‘fun-loving’, ‘good sense of humour’ and things like ‘I enjoy going to the cinema and eating good food’ – so does everyone else. Instead, try to shine by using a few lines of interesting or unusual facts about you which show your distinctive qualities.

DON’T: Settle for a text-only relationship

It might seem like fun at first, but a relationship based on written words alone is not usually what most women are looking for with online dating. If you find your man is hooked on messaging, texting and emailing then it’s time to get him out into the open and meet for real – otherwise it might all just be about feeding his ego. Aim to meet your online dating partners after around seven to ten days so you don’t end up wasting time and energy on unsuitable men.

DO: Hedge your bets

Try to avoid committing yourself to a single, drawn-out date with one man over a weekend and organising your life around it – it could turn out to be a bit of a disappointment. It’s better to organise a few short dates – usually it’s quite easy to tell if you might be interested within the first few minutes. There’s nothing wrong with, say, meeting one dating partner for Saturday lunch, one for drinks in the evening and a third for Sunday brunch. A first meeting shouldn’t be too serious.

DON’T: Inconvenience yourself early on

Beware of agreeing to a date all the way across town for a first meeting. On a first date it’s best to meet him somewhere near where you live or work so that it’s not a major inconvenience. Coffee dates at a nearby cafe during the day are good, because this way you can leave soon if it’s not going too well. If you think it's not working out then you can simply say something like: 'I don't really think there's a connection, but thanks so much for the coffee.' He'll respect your honesty and you won't have to worry about making him feel bad, as you might do by saying no after a longer date.

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