Win a Girl Back - 4 Surefire Tips to Get Her Back

Want to win a girl back? Don’t worry if she’s ignoring you. At the fundamental level, men and women are the same—they want to love and be loved. Often, it does not happen the way it does in the movies. However, what romantic movies and books don’t tell you when they talk about love and such things is that having a soul mate can only get you so far, and that relationships are constant work. You have to do your bit to make it happen. It’s not just about love at first sight (although that happens), nor is it about just knowing you’re destined for each other. It has to be something substantial and sustainable like a real partnership, and a true connection.

If this is your first break-up, nothing’s final. Sometimes, harsh decisions are made in the heat of anger. It’s a normal thing that every worthwhile relationship goes through. Those sorts of break-ups are like a baptism of fire. They are necessary and inevitable. They don’t weaken but make you stronger as a couple.

If you’re a guy and you’re desperately missing your ex, but she’s ignoring you, take heart. You can still get her back. Unless you’ve done something horrible like maliciously running over her pet dog, or cheating on her with her sister, there’s still chance for reconciliation. Besides, there are valid reasons why she’s ignoring you.

What people going through break-ups forget is that this thing is not only happening to them. Their exes may be feeling sad about the whole thing, too. If she is ignoring you, it is because she is trying to protect herself from more hurt. She may feel vulnerable around you.

Tip #1: Give her space
Women don’t want to be forced into being ready. When the time is right, she will come to you. This means, do not give her frequent, almost stalker-like phone calls asking her about inane things like what she ate, and who she was with that day. That sort of thing will work against you and make her feel that she’s being badgered by someone annoying. You don’t want a bad impression like that to stick because that would definitely ruin your chances of getting her back.

Tip #2: Let her wonder about you
Women are analytical creatures. They like to nitpick about every little thing about the past. They want to understand things in such a way that it’s almost obsessive. Keep in touch once every two weeks, but do not let her know what you’ve been up to during the times you guys are apart. Let her miss you.

Tip #3: Stay friends
You don’t want her to remember you with a cringe. That would only serve to alienate her further. When you see her, be friendly but treat her like one of the guys. Don’t be like you were before. Don’t show her that you’re interested. Laugh at her jokes, but don’t linger around her. At that point, she’ll miss all the sweet things you used to do for her.

Tip #4: Be the rock of Gibraltar
Women need someone whom they can rely on. It’s not because they are weak. They need someone to hold their hand every now and then because they are human. Even guys feel that. Everyone wants a sense of security and stability. You can be that for her. That's how you win a girl back

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