Different Types of Wypall Wipers

Wipers or rags are among the most useful cleaning materials since cleaning materials in liquid form are used with these. They are also usually used alone to wipe surface dry or simply remove dirt or grease from the said surfaces. There are several types of wipers or rags that are used by a lot of cleaning service providers that you may also use at home, in your office or even in industrial settings especially if you find hiring a cleaning service business to ensure the cleanliness of your space.

The variation of wipers depends on the type of surfaces that they clean. There are heavy duty wipers, light duty and industrial wipers. Wipers are also further classified depending on their purpose since there are wipers available for food service, dairy and fitness and health. There are also a variety of brands available but this article will mainly discuss Wypall wipers. Wypall wipers have at least 13 types with each type having all sorts of packaging available for you to choose from. Knowing the best type of wiper for the intended job should depend on the descriptions for each type, online and of course through referrals of friends or the Wypall salespeople since they know best.

Among the types of Wypall Wipers are Wypall X50, X60, X70, X80 wipers, Wypall L10, L20, L30 and L40 wipers, dairy towels, microfiber towels, food service and health and fitness towels. A brief description of each type and their difference among the other types of wipers can be found in this article.

Wypall X50 and X60 wipers are both tough but versatile – thus they can be used for both the hand and face but also for heavy scrubbing. On the other hand, Wypall X70 and X80 wipers can be both used to replace the cotton rags that are usually used in cleaning industrial materials, although X80 wipers are best for the toughest cleaning jobs available. Even though they are intended for heavy duty cleaning, they are sure to last long and thus you reduce your costs of buying supplies repeatedly and your wastes too.

On one hand, Wypall L10, L20, L30 and L40 wipers are for light duty wiping. Wypall L10 and L20 are good for everyday cleaning although L20 wipers are more efficient when dealing with large spills. Wypall L30 and L40 have the softest textures that are good to use in face and hands.

Dairy towels are designed to be used in farms or other agricultural purposes; food service towels in the food industry which are good wipers for food stains on surfaces and thus can be used in the kitchen or in restaurants. Wypall wipers for health and fitness should then be used in health clubs and gyms while microfiber towels of the Wypall brand are the more efficient wipers in removing bacteria and odor in the surfaces to be cleaned.

There are different ways of packaging available. These wipers can be bought in rolls, boxes, folds and sheets that you only need to specifically know what the best packaging that you need is. Buying in bulk is also advised since it is cheaper.

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