Yuhuan Plumbing Valve to Reduce the Cost of Plating

Guozi Hao won the gold in the Yuhuan card, the "China Valve City" and "China taps production base" is a plumbing valve Yuhuan proud of two business title. Over the years, Yuhuan valve plumbing manufacturers fulfill promises, high spirited and progressive mental state, to promote the steady and rapid development of the industry. In 2007, Zhejiang plumbing valve industry realized a GDP of 32.65 billion yuan, of which more than 10 million yuan Yuhuan business in the first 11 months of total output value reached 16.002 billion yuan, an increase of 23%, accounting for 24.8% of the county industrial output value ; foreign trade export volume reached 1.083 billion U.S. dollars, export share of the county's total export 55.1%, an increase of 39.75%.

On the development situation in the industry the way Veuve Clicquot, the 2008 financial crisis gave the industry a heavy blow valve plumbing, copper from the beginning to 42,000 yuan ton plummeting to 18,000 yuan ton. According to incomplete statistics, when the valve Yuhuan plumbing industry scale enterprises realized sales income of 17.094 billion yuan (non copper prices excluding factors), a negative growth of 5.3% year on year, of which exports 1.346 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 24%.

Although the situation is not optimistic about the industry, but most enterprises Yuhuan know, to get long term development enterprises can not rely solely on expanding production scale to increase output, while corporate restructuring and upgrading from any real effort in opening up a path for enterprises to grow.

Industry: Exports Plummeted, Business to Pursue other Development

County Plumbing Valve Industry Association was told this writer that the Secretary General YANG Yan, Yuhuan plumbing valve industry, nearly 60% of the company's products are export sales, with only a small number of enterprises to products sold in China, so when the financial crisis, but to the roar bear the brunt of the is that these export oriented enterprises. According to statistics, last year's export volume was 9.7 Yuhuan enterprise billion, compared with 2008 net decrease of 395 million U.S. dollars, down 39%, while industry output value from the year 2008 fell to 18.05 billion yuan last year's 15.53 billion yuan.

"Financial crisis, foreign trade enterprises affected by the impact of large, but they did not stand still in favor of opening up the domestic market, from brand building, technological innovation, energy saving emission reduction, governance, innovation and improvement, etc., so that international and domestic market "walking on two legs". "YANG Yan Cai said the end of last year, Yuhuan, a total of two well known trademarks in China, the National Inspection free Product 8 of export products an exemption, China's well known brand valves 3, China's well known brand taps 3 months, provincial famous brands and trademarks 14 provincial famous brand valves 10, the provincial famous brand taps 10, municipal, and well known brand name trademarks 46. Existing R & D institutions 35, including two provincial level R & D centers, and colleges and universities build innovative carrier 5, the provincial science and technology enterprises 3.

Enterprise: Find Their Places, to Enter the Domestic Market

Close of the year, the Czech Kitchen Inc. is lit inside the assembly shop. The work in the workshop stage, lined up in the assembly workers are quick and neat way to the taps and other plumbing ware final finishing, and then packaged into finished products sent to market. In the aftermath of the financial crisis is not over today, to see the production Zhefan swing scene, so I am really surprised. Led the author to visit "in Czech Kitchen & Bath," Supervisory Board Chairman Zhi Peng Yuan said that as early as last December, the company's orders to open the floodgates to even more than the next workshop should be part of the administrative staff to help packaging products.

At present, the company's heavy production tasks, employees to work overtime every day in production.
It is understood that "in Czech Kitchen & Bath" in the financial crisis before the main product exported to Europe and the United States and other developed markets, the financial crisis, the company will invest a part of the productivity of the domestic demand plumbing ware market. To started the brand, and identify appropriate products, market positioning, company executives take the initiative to intervene in market development, research, and later found that fashion, environmental protection, high end plumbing ware products have great consumer groups, so the company was positioning the product. In order to make the product to achieve higher environmental requirements, in 2008 the company invested 30 million yuan to introduce two automatic electroplating production line, and in February 2009 put into trial production.

"With the soft and hard infrastructure investment in equipment alone electroplating production line of artificial labor costs will be greatly reduced, making the company's sales in 2008 compared with the same period increased by 40%." Zhi Peng Yuan, said the company also invited experts from well known brand brand well planned, dealers have been more than 10 years, from 2008 to the current more than 100, located in Beijing, Nanjing, Hefei, Changchun and other cities. The company is developing in line with requirements of the rural masses, sanitary ware products to tap the rural market full of opportunities.

In the "in Czech Kitchen & Bath" in order to promote enterprise development, technological transformation, while Zhejiang Indesen Copper Industry Co., Ltd, Taizhou Suer Da Plumbing Co., Ltd. Zeyi itself as a breakthrough brand building, build enterprise's core competitiveness in order to strengthen the fight against the risk of capacity. Fluid Control Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Aidi Xi and the use of low power consumption period, will be stored and converted into electrical energy production life of the heat needed to achieve the energy saving ... ...

Association: Good Service, Ability to Help Companies Tide Over the Crisis

Winter when companies face economic challenges, the county plumbing valve industry associations are also actively taking various measures to provide good service for the enterprise. YANG Yan Cai told the author that, in order to implement the County, the Third Session of 14 th National People's Congress report on the work on the county's "brand effect to play a regional industry to industry associations as a link, simultaneously encouraging foreign trade enterprise, innovation and product marketing model, the establishment of product sales center, started Yuhuan brand ", in April and November last year, the association with Xianjingmaoju, Chu gate town government in Linyi, Shandong, respectively, and Yuhuan Trade Show Center has established boutique valve Yuhuan plumbing plumbing valves Exhibition Center and China Town, the two project's market area of 1 thousand square meters, were assigned to more than 150 companies committed to "Yuhuan create" to create a unified marketing platform to the cluster market, industry sources hold up production.

During the financial crisis, the Association formed a delegation to participate in an international kitchen Milan Exhibition, Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Show and Indonesia and China Machinery and Electronics Trade Fair, and constantly deepen regional brands to create content and perfect base for supporting the work of a regional brand docking domestic and foreign markets expanding market space. At the same time, the association was also founded in 2007 with "Zhejiang plumbing valves Network" and last year the industry set up QQ group, an easy, fast way to the member companies to convey the latest market conditions, laws and regulations in the industry with information to help businesses crossing had difficulties.

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