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I have tried over the course of my life, which now is in its fourth generation, to be a continuous learner. Over these many years I have learned that it pays benefits many times beyond the time and energy one often needs to apply to learning new knowledge and skills. That viewpoint is one with which my children and grandchildren have become quite aware, and now I’m passing it along to my great-grandchildren!

However, I’m also very much aware that each generation has presented more difficulty for me to successfully communicate that opinion and get the listeners to accept it. I point to the increased conveniences that each generation has had and enjoyed over the previous as the main reason for this. After all, when I reflect on the process of learning as I’ve grown up with it, it does involve a certain commitment of time and mental energy applied toward such tasks as research, reading, thinking, writing, memorizing, demonstrating understanding and competency, and so on. In other words, there is some “work” associated with learning. And as the conveniences that define, assist, automate and fulfill our daily lives increase and evolve, the gap that prevails between work and pleasure grows wider and wider.

So what does the preceding diatribe have to do with the notion of instant speed learning? Well, recently I had an encounter with Tony McKenzie, author and creator of innovative learning systems, including the “Instant Speed Learning” system being reviewed here, and I was able to obtain some insights I’d like to pass along here.

J. Nelson: What are some of your achievements in the field of learning, learning systems, etc.?

T. McKenzie: Well, I’m probably best known as the author of the book You Were Born Invincible and creator of the McKenzie Mastery Process, which is a personal transformation program.

JN: Tell me about your process leading to the development of “Instant Speed Learning.”

TM: Sure. During the past 20 years, I’ve studied and practiced virtually every single accelerated learning method available, ranging from techniques such as speed reading and mind mapping to photo reading and mnemonics.

Although I found many of these techniques useful in helping me learn at a much faster rate , they always seemed to fall short of what I actually wanted. In fact, throughout my many years of study and research, I’ve wondered if it were possible to develop the kind of photographic memory and learning abilities that you only see in espionage movies, that would literally allow you to “snap” information and retain it in your mind.

And so, I searched high and low, desperately looking for clues and sources that would lead me to the secret of how I could develop genius-level learning abilities. I searched every single bookstore, internet site and research study I could find that might provide me with the vital clues to unlocking the secret to having a phenomenal memory.

JN: And did you discover the great secret about your memory…

TM: Yes! Studies have shown that individuals regressed through the use of hypnosis find that they can recall the sights, sounds, smells and tastes locked within memories that are decades old. Professor Wilder Penfield, a Canadian surgeon, made an interesting discovery while performing a medical procedure on several of his epilepsy patients; it involved examining the brain tissue of his patients while they were under a local anesthetic.

He was amazed to find that when he touched certain individual cells, his patients would suddenly recall experiences from their past. The patients would later say they didn’t just recall the experience but relived it as if they were actually there, complete with tastes, smells, noises, colors and feelings. The clarity of the memories was the same regardless of whether they were a few hours or many years old.

Professor Penfield suggests that within the individual cells of the brain are the perfect memory of every event in our lives, and if we can find the right stimulus we can experience each one all over again
And a year ago I finally figured out how right he was!

JN: OK, just what was your breakthrough?

TM: Amazingly I discovered that I had been looking in all the wrong places for the answers to how to rapidly master information and retain it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the specific learning systems, genetics or altered states that gifted memorizers had but rather their “belief” in and complete acceptance of their ability to almost instantly assimilate new information at phenomenal speeds that made the difference.

So in a moment of inspiration I posed a simple question; the answer to that question proved to be the turning point in my research and it led me to develop a solution by using a cutting-edge auto-conditioning subliminal program that literally rewires the mind to accept a new reality as the absolute truth!

JN: Wow! Well, why is this program so radically different from any other accelerated learning program on the market?

TM: In this powerful new learning system there are no link methods or mnemonic systems to learn nor do you have to master any new speed reading techniques. The unique aspect of this system is that it requires nothing more than a simple hand gesture and you can begin learning at genius levels of understanding with incredibly clear recall of the material after only being exposed to it once. This system is so simple to learn that even a child can use it and start applying it to school work almost immediately. You’ll be able to apply this system to virtually any learning situation you encounter; it requires no technology to implement and it will be with you for the rest of your life!

JN: Huh! Tell me about some of your research and case studies you conducted.

TM: Well, I can tell you that after carefully carrying out my first few tests of this program, I was stunned!
One particular test case was so good at recalling the information from a written piece of text I thought he was cheating, he was literally recalling word for word and he had a thorough understanding of what he had read, days and even weeks later.

In another example a participant had attended a meeting while using the ISL™ method and discovered when asked by a colleague that she could recite virtually every single topic covered in the meeting!

A fifteen-year-old teenager was amazed to discover that after reading a particular text he could literally see the words on the page and could even pick out specific parts of the text to focus on.

Similar results were demonstrated over and over again by people from all walks of life and as time passed their self-confidence increased immeasurably.

JN: This all seems too incredible, almost like a movie or TV script!

TM: Actually, several years ago I did become fascinated by a TV show called The Pretender. It followed the fortunes of a man called Jarod, a super genius with the ability to assume any identity and learn any skill.

I loved this show because each week Jarod would come to the aid of someone in need in the guise of a variety of professions, ranging from fireman, doctor, surgeon or photographer, to pilot, lawyer, or even a sex therapist.

What was interesting about each show was the fact that Jarod didn’t just pretend to be these characters, he literally became them from the inside out and did so by mastering the skills, knowledge and mindset of these professions, within days.

Although this show was presented as pure science fiction and dismissed as the fantasy of a TV script writer . . . I knew differently!

With the ISL™ system you can become one of the rare individuals with the ability to master virtually any information 1000 times faster than the average human being!

JN: Oh, come on, you can’t expect me to believe hype claims like that!

TM: Make no mistake, you’ll be able to master the ISL™ within 72 hours of purchasing this program, all from the comfort of your PC! Within minutes of downloading this unique training program you’ll be able to access a special audio program from within the eBook that will program your mind to respond to a specific physical signal and rapidly absorb new information like a sponge. There will be no 30-day wait for proof that this program works, you’ll be experiencing the results within the next three days!

JN: The possibilities after acquiring capabilities like that are fantastic!

TM: Being to easily remember facts, ideas and concepts can give you a tremendous edge in business. Just picture the dramatic impression you can make when you can quote specific facts, prices, client information, product details . . . with ease! Most of your business or work colleagues probably have the same skills and education as you, so acquiring the powerful ISL™ system will set you apart and put you in a unique position; it will allow you to develop a new level of confidence in your skills and abilities as your specific expertise grows exponentially. In the constantly changing business world, being able to adapt, change and learn new skills is an essential skill that cannot be ignored. Having a powerful memory is the key ingredient to being able to stay ahead in the constant battle for sales, clients and market position.

JN: Right! And how about students in schools everywhere?

TM: If you’re currently enrolled in college or university and finding it stressful, this program is the answer to your problems; with the ISL™ system you’ll be able to learn more while studying less and this can start within the next 72 hours. You’ll focus better, learn more while taking fewer notes, have better retention of lectures, books and study guides, and experience a dramatic improvement in your exam results and test scores. As a student you owe it to yourself and your academic future to get this program and boost your learning abilities today!

JN: What about learning a new language?

TM: Maybe you've already tried to learn a language in the past but gave up in vain; well with this program you’ll be able to learn a new language with ease within 30 days. Whether it’s for business or pleasure the ISL™ system makes language learning a breeze as it easily adapts itself to the in-depth memorization of audio language courses. But you don’t have to stop there, you can literally acquire a new language each month by simply following the simple technique outlined in the eBook. Just imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world and speak multiple languages with the minimum of effort!

Well, that essentially covers the information that I obtained from Tony Mckenzie about "Instant Speed Learning" . I hope it has been as enlightening for you as it was for me. If:

- reading more effortlessly and with much better understanding,

- having a better memory and sharper concentration,

- radically improving your productivity, and

- getting through information much faster…

are abilities you’d like to have, then I encourage you to learn more about "Instant Speed Learning" at JuJamVideoReview.com! I know that I have more reasonings available for when I engage in future conversations with family and friends on the topic!

James Nelson has accumulated almost 40 years of successful business experience, and much of it has been based on the maxim, "Do what you do do well, then find others who can do the rest best!" You can learn more about "Instant Speed Learning" at http://bit.ly/b1DU89. Mr. Nelson is currently President of JuJam Enterprises Incorporated where they focus on “Helping People Help Themselves.” Previously, together with his wife, Judy, he owned and operated Lakewood Lodge, a family recreation resort in northern Minnesota. Prior to that he completed 23 years in various sales and marketing management positions at AT&T. He earned a Bachelor of Science (Business) degree from the University of Minnesota with Distinction in 1975. Before attending college under the GI Bill, he served 10 years in the U.S. Navy.
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