Finding the Perfect Engagement Present For Her

Finding the perfect engagement present for her does not have to be a chore! Whether it is your daughter, friend, sister, cousin, niece, or even co-worker who has announced her engagement, there are ways to brainstorm the perfect gift for her.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when thinking of the perfect gift:

What are a few of her favorite things?

This question can help you find great gift ideas regardless of how well you know the bride-to-be. If she is your co-worker, does she come into work gushing over the latest movie that she saw over the weekend? Or is she always baking treats for the office?

If she is your sister, does she simply adore trying new wines or going to ballgames? If so, she will love you forever if you got her a wine-of-the-month club membership or tickets to the next ballgame. Thinking about her favorite things is a great way to start compiling ideas for the perfect engagement present.

What are her least favorite things?

This maybe a little backwards in thinking, but is there something that you can get her that will help her to avoid her most hated things? If she hates cleaning, then maybe a gift certificate for house cleaning services would be perfect, especially considering how busy she will become once the wedding planning begins. If she hates cooking, then how about getting her a gift card to her favorite restaurant? Not only would she appreciate the gift, but it would make a great date night for her and her new fiancé.

Does she have hobbies or healthy obsessions?

If she is a scrapbooker, then a gift card for a local craft store can be a great excuse for her to get started on scrapbooking the engagement and upcoming wedding. Is she obsessed with a television or cable show, like "Lost" or "The Office," then how about getting her the first season on DVD? It will be the perfect escape if the wedding planning starts to overwhelm her. Does she love to garden, then consider getting her some gardening tools, small seedlings, or a new gardening hat.

The beauty about finding the perfect engagement gift for her is that it does not necessarily have to be related to the upcoming wedding and it does not have to be geared toward her and her future hubby. An engagement present for her is something that is meant to celebrate her and the new chapter in her life. If you do not know her future husband very well, do not worry about it, let her know that you are congratulating her in this exciting time in her life. There will also be other events, like the wedding, where you will be able to give a present to both of them.

If you do know the engaged pair, then consider getting a gift that both of them can enjoy. The questions above can even be helpful in brainstorming the perfect engagement gift for them as a couple. An engagement gift is a token of congratulations, so if all else fails, you can simply congratulate the pair with a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

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