Do You Need Money And Good Looks To Attract Girls?

Let's get down to earth guys. No matter what the so called "pick up artiste gurus" told you before, a handsome man with plenty of money do get more women attracted to them! Or least most of the time. That is an indisputable fact!

However, the good news is that guys with these positive assets can only go so far because if you know and master the correct seduction skills, even if you are not half as handsome or as wealthy, you can still make girls swoon over you and leave those guys behind, coming out as a clear winner as a chick magnet.

Why is this so? It is because there are many male attributes that most women admire and adore more than just good looks and money. The problem is that money and good looks are usually the root of shyness and lack of confidence in most men. They think that they are not wealthy or good looking enough to date beautiful women. Popular media seems to support this misconceived notion and it is the reason why so many men are misled into thinking that unless you have Tom Cruise's handsome features or Bill Gates' fortune, then supermodels and beautiful movie stars are out of their dating game.

Guys, now simply take a step back and have a good look at the people around you and you will see gorgeous women dating men who are both good looking and not so handsome ones, men who drive BMWs and Mercedes and the average guys who can't even afford a car who take public transportation. So what does that tells you? What makes these men so successful with gorgeous women regardless of their wealth and looks?

Well, like I said earlier, you stand as good a chance or even better than guys who have a little bit of edge because of their wealth and good looks. In this article, I will show you 3 techniques amongst many that all women find desirable and irresistible in men. Of course, if that wealthy and good looking chap have these techniques and display them to women, then you will have a very formidable opponent. Then again, how many of these wealthy and handsome guys bother to learn the techniques when they already think they are on top of the dating game?

a) Establishing Confident Eye Contact - Holding her gaze in a confident eye contact is a sure sign of self confidence being flamboyantly displayed. It is also a way to communicate attitude, desire and emotion without saying a word. This is a very effective tool for flattering, teasing, flirting, showing your alpha male dominance, establishing your sincerity and credibility with women.

Looking at a girl from a distance intently and not looking away even when she sees you can be very sexy and thrilling to her. It tells her that you desire her and that you are so confident that you will prevail. Keeping a steady gaze during a conversation tells her that you are interested in what she is saying and that you are listening to her. Because of this, you will be perceived by her to be honest and sincere.

The breaking of eye contact if executed in perfect timing during a conversation can be a sign of confidence and dominance too. It tells the woman that you are not afraid of offending her and in fact, she should be trying even harder to impress you so that you can reward her again with your attention(holding eye contact).

Confidence - If there is anything a woman admires more in a man is his self confidence. Confidence have a very positive effect on your adventures with women. You see, it is not the money or the good looks that make rich and handsome guys attractive to women but their confidence in themselves. Wouldn't you be more confident if you are flushed with cash and is a gorgeous guy?

You need to believe in your ability to attract beautiful drop dead gorgeous women. So do relax and enjoy yourself when you are in the company of beautifully attractive women and do not be cowed by their presence. Feel as if the women need your acknowledgement and approval more than you need theirs. Confidence is a very potent weapon that guys can use in attracting girls. This begs the question of how do you show confidence when you are not? Simple, just like anything else, fake it until it is real

Social Skills - Your social skills is a way of establishing dominance to let her see that you are dominant in most of your other social relationships. If she sees that you are comfortable, well-liked and even admired by your peers, then she is more likely to be attracted to you. This is why in the early stages of getting to know a woman, you must not hang out with her the entire time because this will make it seem as if you are clingy and desperate for her affection which is a big turn off to women. That is what wussies(losers)do.

Now, when you have mastered the above techniques, you can be sure most of the time that when it comes to the game of attracting gorgeous women, the guys who have the money and good looks may not be your match after all.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Get Better Orgasm and How To Become Handsome And Attractive
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