How to Compliment a Woman

It seems so easy. You might mistakenly think that complimenting a woman means telling them they are sweet or pretty or some other generalization. Let me tell you right now that a compliment like this is boring and trite. The idea behind giving a compliment is more than just trying to make the woman feel good, it is about trying to show how you are different than other men out there.

Don’t Say Something Generic

It is totally boring to tell a woman that she is beautiful or pretty or attractive. They’ve heard it a million times before. If you truly want to compliment a woman, think of something unique to say. Don’t tell her she has pretty eyes or nice hair or a great smile. Sure, sometimes this works, but it really doesn’t do a bit of good in setting you apart from every other guy she has ever met. Think of something a little more original to say.

One way to do this is to make your compliment about something that she has invested time or energy in. For instance, when you compliment a woman on the color of her eyes, you can bet she’s heard it a million times before. By saying something like this, you just blend in with the crowd and the dozens of other men who have said the exact same thing.

However, if you compliment her on the way her scarf really brings out the blue in her eyes, then you are already differentiating yourself from other men. You are noticing how she has done something to make herself look more attractive. You are noticing something about what she has done purposefully, not what already exists.

Make it sincere

Women can see through baloney with laser-like accuracy. If you are just saying something to say it in the hopes of flattering her and you don’t really mean it or worse, don’t think that way at all, you are doomed. For instance, don’t tell a woman you like her orange handbag just to say something, especially if you think it is hideous.

Instead, find something that you genuinely do like and compliment her on that.
I truly believe that you can find something to appreciate about every single person you ever meet in your life. Even people you don’t get along with. There is always some quality or trait that you can like about them.

The same goes with meeting women. It might be her quick wit or her infectious laugh or her energy level. There are so many things that make each of us unique, it just takes a bit to recognize them and appreciate them.

If you truly want to compliment a woman, start noticing unique and desirable traits in everyone you encounter. Once you learn to recognize what makes someone special, you will be able to give a genuine, meaningful compliment to a woman. She will recognize your sincerity and your observational powers and this will make you stand out from the crowd.

Bill has been studying How to Pick Up Women for the last 5 years in NYC and is a pick up artist who can help you learn to do the same. The original article can be found here: How to Compliment a Woman.
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