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Positive Thinking is a thought process that enables you to obtain desired results with the right actions. It is an act that allows you to embrace affirmative thoughts, thus guiding your deeds or actions in a willful manner. Your feelings, your speech and your actions express themselves to convert your thoughts into results.


While we use this expression 'Positive Thinking' quite often, we hardly take a moment to understand the use of it for our benefit. Without understanding the right meaning or definition, we will not be able to identify whether the “thinking” is positive or negative.


It appears to be very easy in conversing this term, or even recommending to others this worthy suggestion of thinking positive, but the practicality of putting it to use needs endless determination. The options rest with you to switch on or off the kind of thought process you are guided through. A very determined and consistent effort is essential to work on it.


Being positive opens your minds door to thoughts and ideas which enables your growth and success. It guides and motivates you to work towards obtaining favourable results, thus creating joy and happiness in your life.


Let us consider some steps towards positive thinking


  1. Begin by being sure of your goals and passionately wanting to achieve it. Unless you like what you want to do, no amount of motivation will make you think in the right direction.



  1. Move around with successful people. Be seen with them. Even if you have to spend something extra, it is worth being in restaurants or coffee shops where the successful people move about.



  1. Read motivational stories and article contributions from successful people. Attend lectures on such subjects.



  1. Give compliments liberally and accept compliments graciously.



  1. Accept responsibility for your actions. If negativity creeps into your mind, learn to mentally crumple them and fling it outside your window. Subconsciously see it flying off far into the distant unknown.


It is also very important to pay attention to your self talk as this will strengthen or weaken your subconscious mind. Keep fighting with your negative thoughts and shift your mind to more worthy and success oriented habits. Always keep anticipating success, good results, joy, happiness and good health. Make positive thinking, a way of life.


In the words of Abraham Lincoln, We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”


7 Aug 2015 by Anonymous 1