Privacy Policy

As of 22 October 2006

Collected information

In order to provide an on-going service and continued improvements, this website collects personal information about its visitors.
Behaviour and Navigation
This site tracks the behaviour and navigation of its visitors. This information is used so that relevant advertisements from a third party can be served and to improve the website.
Submission forms
This site uses forms to collect personal information about its users. This information is not stored and is only used to provide website feedback. In the case of the search form, this information is also provided to a third party.
Email addresses
In order to provide replies to questions asked by visitors, email addresses are collected. These are not given to a third party.

All information collected may be used to select the correct advertisement for each user. The information used for this is non-identifiable.

Method of information collection

The information used by this website is collected through various ways.

The use of cookies to identify a single user.
Browser data and log files
The data provided by a web browser including the browser type, referring page, page to be accessed and other essential information.
The data submitted through forms. Information such as email addresses on feedback forms are not recorded, except for the requirements of sending an email relating to the query.

Third party relationships

The information collected may be shared with third parties.
Advertisement networks
Non-identifiable information is shared with advertisement networks so that they can serve relative advertisements.
Website analysis services
Information is shared with website analysis services in order to learn more about what can be done to improve the website. Data is collected about visitors via Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, in addition to data collected through a standard Google Analytics implementation.
Search engine services
Search query information is provided to search engine services in order to provide a searching service to users.

Choices relating to information collection

If you do not wish for this information to be collected there are a few ways you can avoid it.

Cease use of this website
All websites collect information in some form or another. It may be just in a log or it may be given to a third party. The best way to avoid providing information to websites is to cease using them.
Turn off cookies
The tracking of a user via cookies can be prevented if you turn off cookies on your browser.
Avoid form submission
Do not disclose any information that you do not wish to.
Opt out
Opt-out of the Google Analytics Display Advertiser Features including through Ads Settings and other methods

In all cases, the consequences of preventing or refusing to provide information will be a degradation of performance, if not an inability for the website to function.

Data Security

An effort is made to protect the data of this website. All data is held under a passworded system that can not be accessed by the general public. This data is also not given out to any other third parties that are not included in the previous sections of this policy.


This website currently has no accountability mechanisms in place to ensure that it complies with its privacy policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this website or its privacy policy, please contact the web master.

Third party privacy policies

To try and bring you offers that are of interest to you, we have relationships with other companies that we allow to place ads on our web pages. As a result of your visit to our site, ad server companies may collect information such as your domain type, your IP address, and clickstream information. For further information, consult the privacy policies of:


This website does not target and is not intended to attract children and people under the age of 13. It does not knowingly solicit personal information from children and people under the age of 13 or send them requests for personal information.