Things a Russian Woman Dislikes

Russian women are very particular about their men. They search of a complete package wherein their man should be smart, well dressed, intelligent, and financially secure and must have a good social status.

When you are dating a Russian woman they will be analyzing you based on few of their preconceived ideas. There are various things that a Russian single can dislike. There was a survey done by a Russian social magazine to find out what they dislike most in their man. There were around 25 characteristics that they disliked.

Here are the top habits that Russian women dislike. This will make you know what a Russian woman likes and what she dislikes. This will obviously help you to woe your woman.

1. Arrogant behavior: a Russian woman will never accept an arrogant behavior from their man. You may be the most handsome or richest man in the world, you brag about it and she will dislike it. You may be superior in any kind but if you boast about it you will surely score less in front of a Russian woman. So better keep your boast to bare minimum in front of them.

2. Cheating: feel yourself lucky if you have wooed a Russian woman’s heart. However, if you want to remain in her heart never think of cheating on her. If she gets to know that you are cheating on her she will not only lose her trust, she will also kick you out of her life. They are very possessive about their man and hate men who cheat on their wives or partners. For then sexual cheat and being emotionally unfaithful will mean the same. Always maintain a borderline behavior so as to avoid any mistrust.

3. Self-Centered Behavior: a Russian woman or any woman in the world dislikes a man with self centered nature. Always give preference to your women or you can come into their bad books. She doesn’t like men thinking that they are the most important thing in the world especially when they know that they are the fairer sex.

4. Disrespectful Behavior: respect is something that a Russian woman cannot compromise on. For them cheating, name calling , talking about them behind their back, lying , being rude or thinking females to be a sexual object all these constitute of being disrespectful. They want a treatment that a man think is appropriate for them. Basically they want treat them as you liked to be treated.

5. Men with always sex in their mind: we all know that male think about sex more than a female. Even if females think about sex they do not always like expressing it. This is the reason they do not like men who constantly show their sexual desire. Same is with Russian women; in fact they would hate to converse about sex in her first few meeting. They need time to come in terms with a sexual relationship with any man. Men who talk or write much about sex in their initial relationships are considered creepy perverts by Russian women.

6. Lazy men: Russian women are very hard working and independent kind of females. They hate to see lazy men. They always have soft corner for men who are ambitious and enthusiastic. If you think that you can sit ideally on a couch and watch TV in front of a Russian wife then forget it. They like men who are adventurous, exercise their body regularly, visit friends and do well in their career.

7. Lying men: truth is very important to Russian women. They hate to hear lies from their men. For them lying is a punishable offence and sign of disrespect. Never ever lie about your profession, your income, your family status or anything related to your combined life. Men tend to lie about their profession if they find that popular profession will impress their woman. You will do this once to impress once but will regret life long when your woman gets to know the truth.

8. Shabby appearance: Russian women are very prim and proper and they dress up very neatly. So they hate to see their men dirty, unkempt, or shabbily dressed. They like men shaved, clean and in nice outfit. Better note this next time you go on a date with Russian woman.

Russian women know well enough what kind of a man they dream about. So, learn the things Russian women dislike before dating them.
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