Body language: Female courtship signals

Certain body language may be exhibited for reasons other than sexual attraction. For example, a certain posture or attitude may be struck out of habit, for the sake of comfort or because of nervousness. real body reversers will learn how to interpretate correctly the various signals. In other words: don't start getting too hot if a girl gives you the "shoulder look", may be you'r just a pain in her neck.

  • Women toss their hair, whether short or long, briskly from side to side, over a shoulder, or away from the face to indicate preening. Hair is removed from face to leave it exposed for male admiration.
  • Sometimes with partially closed eyelids, the woman holds the man's gaze just long enough for him to notice, then she quickly looks away. This has the tantalizing feeling of peeping or being peeped at, and can light the fires of most normal men.
  • Women also use the sideways glance to show interest. This glance involves looking at the man through partially closed eyelids, but dropping the gaze a moment after it has been noticed.
  • Licking the lips, slightly pouting the mouth, or applying cosmetics to moisten or redden the lips all are indicators ofa courtship invitation. Unconsciously imitating the appearance of sexually stimulated and receptive female genitals.
  • Slight exposure of the shoulder from a partially fallen blouse is again an example of "flirting." Rae Dawn Cong said it best: "You can seduce a man without taking anything off...without even touching him." This revealed shoulder is one example. Also the "shoulder look": Looking at the man behind over a raised shoulder is typical self-mimicry: the shoulder resembles the breast and so is sexually inviting.
  • When women massage their necks or head with one hand, it has the effect of raising the breast on one side of the body intensifying cleavage. It also exposes the armpit, which, even when shaved, has an erotic significance.
  • A female interested in making a subtle courtship gesture might gradually expose the smooth, soft skin of her wrists. The wrist area has long been considered one of the highly erotic areas of the body. In this position, the palms of a woman are also made visible to the male. This is an unconscious invitation to caress.
  • Playing with any cylindrical object such as a pencil, pen, stem if wineglass or finger is a reflection of subconscious desires.
  • Sometimes women will even accentuate the roll in their hips when walking in front of a male they want to attract.
  • When a woman sits with one leg tucked under the other and points the folded leg toward the person whom she wants to attract, the message communicated is, "I feel very comfortable with you. I'd like to get to know you better."
  • Women tend to stand with their legs apart with weight on one foot, when displaying a sign of openness or availability. This draws attention to genital area. (Of course this may also be a feeling of superiority, aggressive or impatience as well, duh)
  • Slowly crossing or uncrossing the legs while being watched by an interested male is a strong attraction signal, especially when the female is slightly stroking her thigh.
  • Women entwine their legs to draw attention. Most men agree that the leg twine, (one leg is pressed firmly against the other to give the appearance of high muscle tone which the body displays when it is ready for sexual intercourse) is the most appealing sitting position a woman can take. (Of course also: nervousness, shyness, defensiveness, duh)
  • Once the legs are crossed, sometimes a woman begins to slightly kick her top leg back and forth. this kicking or thrusting, again, displays a courtship signal.
  • Dangling one shoe while seated in a relaxed position, with one leg crossed over the other knee, is one of the most intense courtship signals woman use to indicate interest in a male. Phallic mimicry, as the foot makes tiny thrusting movements with the dangling shoe.
  • Even when a woman keeps time to music with her head and hands, leans forward towards a male, or even brushes the male's body with her hand or breast, she is still conveying effective courtship gestures.


The palms of the hands face each other and the fingertips touch, forming a shape rather like a church steeple. This is a characteristic gesture that people make, usually while seated, when feeling especially confident during a conversation. There are several variants:

1. The high steeple

Both elbows rest on a table or desk and the forearms are raised,so that the steepling fingers point upwards (Academics, Doctors, Lawyers while delivering an 'expert' opinion).

2. The low steeple

Both elbows rest on the arms of a chair or the tops of the steepler's thighs, with the forearm pointing forwards and the fingertips steepling between the thighs or knees. Most women steeple this way: in their laps if seated, at waist level if standing.

3. The concentrated (poker player's) steeple

The hands steeple while hidden under a table, for instance. This tends to occur when an individual wants to hide his or her confident feelings. Poker players may betray that they have a good hand like this.

4. The semi-steeple

When sitting, the steepler places the arms in the low steepling position and the hands in the lap. The fingers of one hand clasp the back of the other, which is CLOSED, and forming a fist, its knuckles opressed into the upper hand's palm. This is a far ùmore subtle indication of confidence than the full steepling gestures.

Defensive hand and arm gestures

Crossing the arms in front of the body is an almost instinctive attempt to protect the heart and lungs against threat (Remember "the contrary position" as well: the 'hands behind the back' walkabout by teachers or police on foot patrol, holding the head high and both hands clasped behind the back has a precise meaning: this leaves the body vulnerable front area unprotected and signals a combination of superiority and self-assurance).

Basic crossed arms

Both arms are folded across the chest with one forearm crossing the other, so that one hand rests on an upper arm and the other arm is tucked between elbow and chest. We tend to do this whenever we feel slightly anxious, for instance standing in a crowded lift or in a queue.

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