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Origin of the Lyre Harp

Although the exact origin of the harp is unknown, early discoveries have found harp-like paintings on rocks dating as far back as 1500 BC. Harps are depicted in multiple Egyptian tombs dating some 5,000 years ago including the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III; however the lyre harp began to appear more commonly in ancient Samaria around 2800 BC.

The lyre was held in different positions depending on culture for example, the Sumerians held the lyre vertically with the crossbar at the top and the Egyptians played with the crossbar pointing away from their body. Harps were equally popular in ancient Assyria, Mesopotamia and ancient Greek culture.

The lyre was wide spread and a common instrument in the ancient world. Today the lyre is limited almost exclusively to parts of Africa and Siberia. Ever changing cultures across time and geography has led to many changes in the lyre harp throughout history. Those changes include the number of strings, how the instrument was held, and whether it was plucked, strummed or played with a plectrum.

Description of the lyre

The typical lyre harp has a hollow body or sound-chest. It has an overall length of twenty-five inches and two raised arms extend up from the sound-chest that curve out and then forward connecting near the top by a cross-bar. The number of strings varies from 5 to 16 and passes over a bridge positioned diagonally on the soundboard. On either side of this bridge are rosette sound holes carved into the soundboard. These strings are tuned by turning the pegs. The vibration of the strings is transmitted by an additional cross-bar that forms a bridge on the sound-chest.

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There are quite a few factors that you need to look at when you are choosing the best guitar amplifier. The first thing that you need to know is that you can not choose a guitar amplifier based on what somebody says or on what the manufacturer says the maximum wattage is.

You need to to take into account a number of aspects:

  • What guitars will you be using with the amplifier

  • The style you play

  • Effects you are looking for

  • How much you are able to spend

  • The tone you like best

For most people, buying an expensive big brand name amplifier is not as important as buying an amplifier that will do what you want and will fit your style. If you are buying your first amplifier, it might be good if you start small.


If you are only practising at home, you should not need anything more that an 15W amplifier. A 15W amplifier still can be quite loud when turned up. A lower wattage means that at louder volumes, your sound will not be as clean as a higher wattage would be. If you use quite a dirty tone, this should not be too much of a problem for you

Amplifier Size

You also need to remember that you will have to store this amplifier somewhere. An amplifier with more watts will often be a larger amplifier. This larger size means that they are harder to transport, and harder to store out of the way.

Type of amplifiers

There are 3 different types of amplifiers:

  • Tube amplifiers

  • Hybrids amplifiers

  • Solid-state amplifiers

The tube amplifiers are seen as the grooviest and have the best sound, but can often require more maintenance and be less reliable. The tubes can break or wear out. The solid-state amplifiers are often cheaper and the hybrids are a compromise between the two.

If you are planning to play live to a crowd, you might want to think about a tube or hybrid amplifier. This is because the solid state amplifiers do not usually have the type of tine that guitarists prefer for playing to a crowd.

Take into account the type of amplifiers you try out. Some will produce a tone that you like and others may not suit your playing style.

There are also different configuration:

  • Combo - Where a single cabinet or box houses the circuits and speakers.

  • Piggyback - Where a separate amp sits on a speaker box

  • Stack - Combines a head and two cabinets

  • Rack - Allows the mounting of many amplifiers and speakers. You should not have to worry about this type until you are doing serious / professional performances.


There are quite a features you can look out of on amplifiers:

  • A headphone jack so that you can practice without annoying neighbours

  • Reverb control to set the amount of echo in the sound

  • An on/off switch

  • Volume control or post gain control

  • Separate comtrols for controlling the treble and bass.

  • Other built-in effects


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When it comes down to it, a publicly traded company is pretty much a slave to its share price. Its sole aim is to create growth or dividends for their shareholders. If the company fails to do this, the share price drops and this allows all sorts of issues to arise. Some examples of such issues are:

  • Management shake-outs

  • Less opportunities to sell the company to or merge with larger organisations

  • Less credit available to the company

Motivating management

In many cases, the high level management is paid partly through stock options. These stock options will fluctuate as a share price fluctuates. If the share price falls, the high level management, are in effect, getting paid less. Even if upper management does not get paid partly though stock options, they can still be in-line for bonuses if the company does well.

Between bonuses, personally held shares and stock options, it is in the upper managements financial interest to grow the company so that they can also profit.

Power of directors

Although the company cares about its share price, the directors of companies have other issues that they may also have an interest in. The director cares about their long term survival. If the company ceases to exist, there will be no board and no position for a director. Often the director also cares about:

  • Employees

  • Creditors

  • Communities damaged by corporate action.

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Although it is not often seen today, the chalumeau has played an important role in the development of todays clarinet. Originally the chalumeau was created by placing a reed onto a old style recorder. As the technology to develop more complex key systems progressed, the chalumeau was slowly transformed into todays clarinet.

The chalumeau is a cross between a clarinet and a recorder. Like the clarinet, the chalumeau is a woodwind instrument with a single reed in the mouthpiece.

Unlike a clarinet, the chalumeau does not have a register key so it is mostly used within its fundamental range, just a bit over an octave.

There are 4 sizes of chalumeau:

  • Soprano

  • Alto

  • Tenor

  • Bass


It is unknown when, or who invested the chalumeau, but its first recorded existence was in from Germany in 1687. Uncertainty surounding the origins of the chalumeau is due to many versions of historical pipes with reeds stretching back to the 12th century.

The name chalumeau comes from a French word from the 12th century. It refers to various types of pipes. Some of these pipes are made from cane with a reed cut out of the cane pipe.

In the 17th century, the chalumeau was improved by Johann Christoph Denner of Nuremberg,. This improved baroque chalumeau is the historical connection between the recorder and clarinet.

Modern chalumeau

Due to the rare nature of this instrument, there are now only 8 known examples of original chalumeau in existance. Modern craftsmen who have studied the chalumeau now produce similar replicas


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A harmonica can be defined as a small rectangular instrument consisting of free reeds that are set back in air holes, which are played by exhaling or inhaling into the air chambers. The instrument emits sound by the vibration of these reeds. A player changes the pitch and sound by either inhaling or exhaling through the hole.

Playing the harmonica is as simple as using the tongue to cover or uncover the holes while blowing into the instrument. The player can blow or draw over several holes at the same time. This is referred to as playing a chord. While playing this chord the player can cover one or several contiguous holes to avoid playing them.

More experienced players can take advantage of advanced techniques such as the overbend. The overbend is the process of playing a blade at a different and higher pitch than normal.

Harmonicas can have as many as 4 reeds for each air hole. A player selects which reed to use by moving a bar called a slide from side to side.

Harmonicas are categorized into two groups;

  1. chromatic

  2. diatonic

Chromatic harmonicas usually use a button-activated sliding bar to select between reeds in each hole. They can play any semitone over several octaves. These harmonicas are designed in a fashion that allows the player to play multiple notes. The diatonic harmonica is designed to play in only one key. This key is usually written on the top of the instrument.

History Of The Harmonica

Around 1820 harmonicas with a free reed design began being created in Europe and North America; however credit for the invention of the harmonica was not given until 1821 to a young man by the name of Christian Friedrich Buschmann when he registered the first European patent.

The harmonica first appeared in Vienna where harmonicas with chambers were sold before 1824. Richter tuning purchased a harmonica at an exhibition in 1824 and copied the instrument making some of the most important advancements in early harmonica design. He developed a modified harmonica that consisted of ten holes and twenty reeds in 1826. These harmonicas had separate reed plates mounted to a cedar comb. By 1827 they had produced hundreds of harmonicas.

Other countries soon followed to modify and create different variations of these harmonicas. As competition grew for harmonica makers, a clock maker in Germany surfaced with a new means to produce the instrument. Matthias Hohner used mass-produced wooden combs to construct his harmonicas making him the first mass-producer of the harmonica in 1857.

The harmonicas introduction to North America occurred shortly after Hohner started mass-producing his harmonicas. Hohner shipped some of his harmonicas to relatives that had migrated to the United States. The popularity of the harmonicas music grew rapidly propelling Hohner Company to its status as world leader in harmonicas. By 1887, Hohner was producing more than one million harmonicas annually and today produces over 90 different models with a variety of styles and tunings.


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Throughout history there conductors and musicians have experiments with different sizes and make ups of musical groups to produce the style they are looking for. In some cases, composers have used a single person, while a group between 3-10 is probably the most popular, although in certain types of music groups it is not uncommon to have 50 or more members.

One of the largest musical groups is the orchestra. An orchestra is typically composed of professional musicians who have mastered their instrument and, in many cases, have some type of degree in music. Orchestras typically perform in concert halls and play symphonies, which are oftentimes historic pieces written by famous musicians like Beethoven or Mozart. These historic symphonies are performed exactly as they would have been hundreds of years ago when their creators first wrote them. The orchestra is lead by a conductor who helps keep the tempo and controls the symphony. The instruments used in orchestras are traditionally acoustic instruments and fall into four categories: woodwind, string, brass, and percussion.

A choir is in some ways the opposite of an orchestra. Instead of being composed mainly of instruments, a choir is based on vocals and can contain several hundred members. Choirs are also very old and are seen most commonly in churches. Many popular musicians, including Elvis, discovered music by joining his local church choir.

Because of the availability of electronic instruments, it is no longer necessary to use a large number of people to produce loud music, so modern music groups usually have between 3-10 people. The majority of modern music groups have a lead singer, a drummer, a guitar player, and a bass player. Some groups have additional singers, guitar players, keyboard players, synthesizers, as well as saxophones, and other more traditional instruments. Modern music groups use many different combinations of musical instruments, as well as playing styles, to achieve a desired sound.

A cappella groups are similar to choirs in that they do not use any instruments and they both have their roots in the church. Modern a cappella movements include barbershop and doo wop. Although traditional a cappella is primarily lyrical, many a cappella pieces emulate the sound of instruments or various other noises one may experience in everyday life. While a cappella is not prevalent in mass pop culture, it is becoming more common. Outreach groups have started a cappella competitions, and there have been hundreds of a cappella albums recorded in the last ten years.

The types of groups mentioned in this article are a small sample of the various music groups the have been assembled to get a certain sound or emulate a style. Historic groups like orchestras and choirs are sure to stay in the mainstream, as well as pop culture groups, but as the world and music change, there is no telling what kind of new music groups we may see in the future.

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The following would have to be the 3 main reasons why she hasn’t been calling you.

Have a read through them and you may be surprised by what you read and find out. Then you can change the way you go about some things and you will be having ladies calling you 24/7!!!

Seeming too pushy

One of the main reasons that she probably hasn't called you yet is that she doesn't want to seem too pushy. Therefore resulting in waiting for you to make the next move. If you don't contact her within say, 3 days, that would most likely be taken as a sign that you weren't really that interested in her. Something like that would definitely not make her want to call you.

If you have been on a few dates already and everything has been fine, start thinking about things like...

"Why am I always the one calling first" OR

"Was I always the one making the plans to do things" etc.

That may be indication that she wasn't overly interested in YOU from the first date, and maybe continued seeing you to see if there was something more between you. After realizing there wasn't, she has been trying to drop you a hint by not calling. Sorry guys but there is no point sugar coating a good possible reason why she isn't calling you. Nobody is perfect!

Just not interested

As the heading suggests, she just may not be interested in you, full stop. Which is fair enough considering that 2 single individuals out of the whole entire world need to find each other and live happily ever after. Makes it a bit harder huh? It can be done though! So if she doesn't end up calling you after the first date and you are too frustrated from waiting around, take it as a sign that she is not the one for you. You then have to get her out of your system and start looking for someone that will return to you what you give them. That is ALWAYS a good sign!

It doesn’t matter if you find out that she wasn’t interested in you, not everybody will like you in that way but there is no reason why you still can’t be friends.

Yes I know that is the sentence that guys hate the most, but sometimes that’s just how it works out. You may not find a lover from your date, but you may find a new found friend that is of the opposite sex to you and then you will not have to read articles such as this to find answers. You will have a real life dating bible next to you!

It's the guys job

A lot of women still believe that the guy should make the first move and call her after a date. Newsflash! Old fashioned tenancies don't fly! But alas, some women stick to what they believe (there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you believe) and they will not call you after a date. They figure "Well if he really liked me then he would call". This sentence is oh so true and so many women will resort to it in this situation. Women can be very stubborn (as can men) and there is no way you will be getting a follow up call from her…. forget about it! Who cares? Move on! She is probably high maintenance anyway! Times have changed since 1928 and women actually do call men first, so if your new lady friend hasn’t called you yet, cut your losses and look for someone else. If she really enjoyed your company in the first place then she would have no problem in contacting you first.

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What a silly question. There shouldn’t be one of you that is in control and the other one that is the “follower”. There should be equal control in a relationship. That is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. If the balance is out then that is when problems start. A woman (well most) like to know that the man they are with is protective over them. In the sense that they often ask how they are feeling and how their day was. Genuinely caring for their well being. It means a lot more to woman then you may think when a man asks them questions like that. It shows that you are and are honestly interested in those little details. Do not be too full on and clingy about it. Like men, women can feel smothered by it as well.

Some women like to be the one "in control" of the relationship. They are into all the new age hype about women not needing a man to do almost anything for them anymore, except marry them and give them children to feel fulfilled in life. Actually, that probably isn't the best way to say it. Women just feel that they don't need a man to do things like pay most of the bills, be the sole provider for the family, set up the the entertainment system or even build a piece of furniture.

There is no real right or wrong answer to this question. Some men like to be in control and do all the things like be the bread winner. In relationships like that, the woman sees it as a great quality in her man which is why probably why she chose to be with him in the first place. A real reliable family man. All women like that!

Then you get the woman that wants to do basically everything by herself to prove that she is capable and doesn't really need you. They are the kind that you should stay away from. They will only intimidate you and cause problems that should never even have to explode into something more than a little argument. Most women like that are career driven anyway and will probably never find a man that fits their 'requirements' and settle down. Oh well that is their loss right? You can do better anyway!

Some guys might like that their woman is like that. It means that they won't always have to pay for dinner or the movie tickets and popcorn (which is getting pretty expensive these days!)

In conclusion to this topic guys, the best way to find out who should be in control of your relationship is to first find out what role you want to play in the relationship and which role your woman wants to play. If you cannot successfully do that, then all hope is lost for your romance together.

Find the balance and you will be fine.

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It is very common for people to have a dating disaster. Not everybody is compatible with one another. There ARE ways you can get around this rut that people often find themselves in when it comes to dating.

If you have a dating disaster, don't look at it as a fault of yours as a reason that it didn't work out. If you were trying to annoy your date and make her leave because you knew from the moment she opened her mouth that it would not work, that is ok. You are not going to sit through a 2 hour date if you are not interested are you? Maybe she was too boring or too loud, or any other reason why you would want her to leave before the date was meant to be over. That is something that you don't really have to recover from because it was you're own choosing to end the date sooner then anticipated.

Ladies will more often then not have a plan B if they are going on a first date, like a code or a sign that she does not think it is working. Usually she will get a friend of hers to give her a call at a certain time and give the magic code word if you are decent or not. If she is still sitting and talking with you after the phone call then see it as "YOUR IN!" Whereas if she says she has to leave after the phone call....take a hint, she isn't interested in you and you will probably never see her again. Big deal! You wouldn’t want to be with someone that needs somebody else’s help to bail them out of a failing date.

However, if it was reversed and you were the one that wasn’t interested in your date, you could always just do the famous runner. A lot of men still do that to this day, just leave their date sitting there alone waiting for you to come back from the bathroom or from using the pay phone.

There is nicer ways to do it though. You could always just stick the date out and then when it is over, do not give her any ideas that you will be calling her or anything. Just say something like “it was nice meeting and getting to know you” If she says something like “You should call me sometime or I will call you”. Reply with a “yeah, sounds good”.

It doesn’t tell her that you are going to call her or not so then you don’t have to feel guilty when you don’t end up calling her. If you do not want her calling you, save her number in your phone and when she calls you, just don’t answer. Or if you can get around it, try and get out of giving it to her until the end of the date. She might turn out to be a decent girl. If not, stick with the ignoring her calls, she will eventually get the hint, unless you have found yourself a new crazy stalker. If that ends up being the case… Good luck!

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There is no real guide line to go by for this subject because if you are going to go to all the effort to plan a perfect date, it should be YOUR individual vision of how you would like it to be. It also depends on how well you know the woman before the date. I suppose the better you know her, the easier it will be to plan because then you will know what she likes and dislikes. You don't want to be pushing the wrong buttons.

First impressions last. They may never be spoken of again in the future but they will always be remembered. So make yours one to remember.

Plan something simple and tasteful. Movies are usually a no go unless you plan on having lunch or dinner afterwards. The reason seeing a movie as a first date is not the best idea is because you can't really talk to each other. You both are too busy watching what is on the screen. After the movie you can both maybe grab a bite to eat and the movie can be your ice breaker if things get a little quiet.

A long drive and a picnic is always a good idea too. Not too long a drive though! Max. 1hr. The places that take longer to get to are usually the ones you will be wanting to take your date. A few reasons for this is that you can have decent and in depth talks on the way and get to know each other a little better, there will usually be a nice bit of scenery to look at on your drive, and most far away places are the ones with a great view, are quiet and peaceful.

It is totally up to the individual and how you would like your 'perfect date' to go. Maybe you would feel more comfortable just talking over a cup of coffee.

A date doesn't have to last a few hours, although it is a great sign if it is and it isn't struggling! If your date lasts under 1 hour then maybe you will want to go over it in your own time and try and pin point where it all went downhill. Maybe you only had a 30 minute lunch break at work and you both have decided to meet up and have a mini date. That isn't included in the 1 hour rule!

Either way, a woman will appreciate it and yourself more if they know that you have put all of the plans for your date together yourself. It shows them the sort of person you are, and that is a great impression (if they like what they see date set up wise). So grab a pen and paper and start writing down any ideas you have for your perfect date. It will make it easier for you when the time comes.

You might even have a few different ideas for the different types of woman to choose from.

Better get cracking on your ideas then guys!

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A lot of women will have their own list of what things turn them off a guy, but the following would have to be the most common. Read them carefully and take notes.

Swearing like a trooper

Try and control yourself from any profanity. It makes you seem like less of a respectable guy and she may get offended by it. If you feel the need to curse, substitute the bad word for a nicer word. Hopefully you will not be talking about anything that will give you this need in the first place. Talking about your likes on a first date is much more better and appropriate then talking about the things you dislike and feel the need to swear about.

It is always good to get into nice habits that better yourself anyway. Swearing only impressed your classmates back when you were 15. Nobody will respect you at this age if you continue that trend.

Eating with your mouth open

Nobody thinks this is attractive. If you can manage it, chew with your mouth closed. She doesn’t want to see what is inside your mouth. If you are at a restaurant or something similar, order something that you can eat in small portions. That way you won’t have to try and shove it all in your mouth at once and then have trouble chewing and swallowing it that you start to chew with your mouth open

Burping is a big turn off as well. If you need to release one, go into the nearest bathroom and do it there (along with the other kind of burp). Do not tell her that is what you are going there for. Just excuse yourself for the bathroom. It would be nice to think that guys knew this for themselves. You will all learn one day!

Checking out other women

Expect a slap in the face or for your date to just get up and leave you there. It is obvious why this would be a big turnoff for a woman. It would have to be the worst actually. It shows your date instantly that you are not only focused on her, you’re focused on the hot blonde walking behind her as well. If you are on a date with someone that you really like (hopefully you wouldn’t be looking at others), treat them like they are the only other person there. Not so much that it freaks her out, just enough to show her how interested you are. It is a winner everytime.

In conclusion guys, THINK about you’re actions before and during you’re date. Don’t be a big fake about it either. That is a turn off for some too. Pretending to be someone you’re not.

Be honest about who you are (if you are a frequent profanity user etc) but not over the top.

Keep a note of all that has been said on this subject and it will make all the difference. Memorize all the DON’T’S and you will be fine.

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The internet would have to be the most popular way to meet a partner these days. There are many different dating sites where you can basically pick "the one" for you. All you need to do is fill out a profile of yourself and then fill out a profile for the kind of woman you are trying to attract. Women will then search the site for men that fit the description that they have originally filled out when they signed up. If you have what they are looking for then they will send you a message and you can let your love blossom.

You can even do refined searches to look for women of a certain age, location, height etc. You can also search specifically for women that have pictures or a web cam. It is probably best to search for ladies with a webcam because then you are able to see what they really look like and to see if they have been lying in their profile. It is also fair that you have a webcam connected yourself to return the favor.

The internet is quite an effective way to meet partners which is why most single people are turning to it. It is safe, secure and more comfortable then having to spot them in a club and then find the guts to go up and speak to her. A few people out there still think that the internet is not safe, which is true for some cases but not for internet dating. Not if you go to the right sites anyway.

If you think that the internet is the "losers" way of meeting women then think again. Before even signing up, you may want to check out and read the success stories from that particular site. You will be surprised at how many there are. Maybe even one day you will have your own success story to put up there.

Clubs and Pubs.. I don’t think you can go wrong here. Many relationships start after a night at a pub or club.

The atmosphere is easy going and most other people there are like yourself, looking for a partner. Although in some cases, and it is a shame to say this, one night stands.

They too can SOMETIMES form into something more but I think that we all agree that it hardly ever works out that way. It is best not to promote that behavior so I will change the subject in a few lines time. A woman that is also interested in a one night stand may sound terrific at the time but in the long run, you will most likely get hurt and she won’t be worth your time. A bit of advice… Stick to the nice gals! You will be able to tell them apart from the one night stand type.

But yes, your best bet is either the internet or a club. Keep in mind though that you can find love almost anywhere these days. Even at the corner store if you’re lucky!

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It is always a good thing to act confident and have fun on your date. Just as long as you aren't TOO confident. Most ladies will just see you as a try hard jerk and never want to see or hear from you again.

Having fun would have to be the key though. I mean, who doesn't like having fun? Even if through the whole date you have only established each others names, age, location and pets because you were both too busy laughing at (probably your lame jokes!). Who cares! If you both have fun on your date then she will most likely want to see you again and that is when you can both catch up on the more important things about each other.

Now, about acting confident...

It is always a plus on a date because most women don't like the shy type. If you are shy however, you may want to practice "picking yourself up" in a mirror. You may feel and look like a total idiot doing it but at least then you can get an idea of how you will be coming across to her. Being shy is nothing to be ashamed of or feel down about. There are women out their that like they shy guys and think that it is really cute. In some cases it could work as an advantage towards you. Most shy guys are seen as “the good ones”. Although there are people that say to watch out for them!

If you are a confident guy naturally, limit yourself. A lot of men will make the mistake of offering to their date what they have as possessions, trying to build themselves up to sound all successful and all that jazz. Fair enough that being a successful man is great, but you don't need to make it sound like that is all you have to offer her if you were to pursue something more.

For example..

If you have a high paying or decent paying job and own a nice car. Expand on the sentence " Hey babe, I'm a lawyer and I drive a ferrari" (I'm not saying all guys speak like that but a majority of you do). Try explaining to them how much you enjoy being a lawyer and why. One of your reasons can be that you get to drive and afford expensive cars. Ahh! Now doesn't that sound better?

Being over confident could either make or break you possible future romance. From most women’s point of view.. It would BREAK!

Just remember to be yourself and not to try so hard. Being yourself will never go wrong though. Yes maybe being yourself will not see you a second date, but if she doesn’t accept you for who you are, then what kind of future will you have together? You do not want someone that is only with you for what you have possessions wise and couldn’t care less how you are as a person. You want someone that is with you for the person you are.

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Many men and women limit their flirting and search for a partner to crowded bars and dance floors. Meanwhile they may be losing out on a number of potential dates. Flirting can in theory happen anywhere – and it does!

There are many advantages for choosing other arenas for flirting. You are more likely to find a partner who shares your interests and lifestyle, your chances of success are increased as your approach seems more casual and there is less pressure on you.

Your preferred way of life

Start by thinking of what interests you. If you're religious, church can be a great place to begin. Maybe you're a fitness buff and can benefit from few visits to your local gym. Try an art exhibit or a concert if you're the cultural type.

The workplace or other professional arenas

Some may opt for flirting at work and this can certainly pay off, but it must be done tactfully. Don't make the target of your interest feel uncomfortable. Be discreet and keep it innocent. A few hints and carefully chosen compliments will do.

New experiences

Perhaps you have a hobby or a topic you always wanted to learn more about. Why not sign up for an evening class, a dance course or join a new organization? You will meet new people and potentially run into the woman of your dreams.

Or anywhere else

Other great places are coffee shops, grocery stores, the mall, sport events, the park, bus stops, libraries or even the airport.

Parties and other casual get-togethers are natural venues for most people looking for a partner. You can even arrange some yourself to get the ball rolling. Ask everyone you invite to bring an extra friend so you can expand your social circle and chances of meeting someone to flirt with.

Be easy-going

Wherever you choose, the clue is to get out there and start striking up conversation. Drop the pick-up lines. Go for a casual approach in casual situations. Your number one goal should be to meet new people and see how it goes from there. 

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The question has had men scratching their heads for centuries – What is it women want? No amount of research has given a final answer. No wonder! Women are as different as men. Some are attracted to robust body types, some like them slim. Some want a guy with piercings and tattoos, others without. One girl's dream guy can dance all night, another's can finish a novel in one evening.

Confusing? Not really. It simply means that there are so many preferences, everyone has a match out there. That's good news!

However, there seems to be a few traits the majority of women find attractive and look for in a future partner.

Appealing looks and an individual style

Some women are hesitant to mention physical attractiveness when they talk about potential partners, but it does play a role. Fortunately, their preferences in this respect vary greatly, sometimes even from one relationship to the next.

Nevertheless, many list white, healthy teeth and a well-groomed appearance high up on the list. Landing a dashing dresser with an individual style is also important to some. Cleanliness is however essential - good hygiene is an absolute must when dealing with the opposite sex.

Stable finances

While it may seem like riches and fame attracts women, a recent internet study done by klikk.no, a Norwegian e-magazine, suggests that they look for stability. 81 percent listed income as unimportant or of little importance. A high salary and a fat bank account is not a necessity when it comes to romance and dating, in other words. However, more than 80 % said good credit rating and responsible budgeting as vital.

Confidence and charm

There is no doubt that charismatic personalities tend to attract more women. Self-confident with a positive outlook on life is mentioned and valued by many.

It also helps if you know what you want and aren't afraid to voice it. Apparently, the “weaker sex” loves opinionated guys who willingly share their feelings or dive into an intelligent discussion. Equally important is being a good listener and kindness. Women want to be respected, appreciated and heard by their partners.

Close to all women set “a good sense of humour” as one of their criteria. Good is a relative term, the important part is that it matches hers. If you make the woman of your dreams laugh, you are well on your way to being her ideal date.

Attention and romance

The chick-flicks aren't lying – women love romance. While it doesn't necessarily have to involve expensive dates or a hundred red roses, it does require your full attention and care. Small, personal presents and light pampering is all it takes for most women to feel special. Sincere compliments that make her feel good about herself are important, both when flirting and when you are in an established relationship.

Opposites do not attract

People tend to find partners similar to themselves, a research by Cornell University in New York concluded. Women want a stable relationship and achieve this by picking partners who share their values and interests.

The survey mentioned wealth and status, family commitment, physical appearance and sexual fidelity. When asked, many women also added shared religion and similar hobbies as strategic choices they made when looking for a boyfriend or husband.

Be desirable, but stay faithful

According to a study done by University of Aberdeen, women are drawn to males desired by other women. When a man was smiled at by other females he appeared more attractive. They see it as a sign he is a quality male and change their initial impression accordingly.

That being said, almost all women asked looked for monogamous relationships and faithful men. They want to feel secure and safe. Even though an internet survey by MSNBC.com/iVillage suggested as many as 21 % of all participants had cheated on their current partner, fidelity is still high on the check list for most.

Chemistry in bed

There is no doubt sex is important – also to women. While a good relationship is a requirement for good sex, satisfying sex is also a requirement for a satisfying relationship. Being a good lover is not determined by skill or physical knowledge, but rather by your ability to adapt to and connect in the bedroom.

“Chemistry” is a word used by many and involves a number of things. Physical attraction, emotional connection and the love you have for each other will help when taking a relationship to the next level.

Women tend to describe a man who is caring and aware of her needs when asked what makes a good lover.

The bad boy myth

It is said that nice guys finish last, but it really depends where you draw the finish line. A scientific study by the New Mexico State University suggests that narcissistic and manipulative men tend to have more sex partners than other males their age. However, they suspect this is caused by the amount of encounters these men have with women. They come on to more women and therefore have an increased chance of success.

When it comes to picking long term partners women favour men who will make good fathers – at least most of the time. Research done by Charles University in Prague shows that women choose responsible and caring men when they are single or not ovulating. During ovulation, however, women in relationships preferred the scent of dominant males.

Be yourself

There is nothing wrong with self-improvement. However – sincerity, confidence and a great, big smile will get you well on your way to being someone's dream date. Be the best that you can be, but be yourself.

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A successful date depends on many factors. While what you actually do and how well you plan it can have an effect, chemistry and spontaneity is equally as important.

We all wish to leave a lasting impression on those we date. The most efficient way of doing this is to make sure your partner has a good time. Whether they love watching movies at home or eating sushi at a fancy restaurant, you should aim for fulfilling their wishes and not your own.

Take your love interest's personality and hobbies into account when you plan the details of your future date. Also make sure that you prepare her sufficiently for what is in store. While a lot of people enjoy surprises, it is not fun to show up in high heels and a short dress for a hike in the forest.


Laughing together is a bonding experience. You can safely assume your date has been successful if she laughs and has fun. Who doesn't want to end the night in high spirits with a smile on their face? Being entertained will also take the pressure off both of you and avoid awkward silence.

Go wall climbing

Maybe there is a climbing wall in your area open for the public? It doesn't matter if neither of you have done it before, you can learn together. You can also enjoy the beautiful view while you spot her.

Play video games

Visit an arcade and play together. Racing games where you can compete side by side or air hockey to face each other head on should get you laughing and bonding in no time.

Cover her in paint

Check if there is a paintball field near you and lure out your date's competitive edge. Nothing says love like firing paint at each other, right?

Sign up for a dance class

Salsa, ballroom or tango; anything that will get you close to each other and having fun. If she is a good sport she will love your initiative and chances are you can make use of your newfound skills during a future date.


If she is interested in culture, you may want to share an experience with her. Going to a concert, a movie or a play will give you something to talk about over dinner afterwards.

Go to a jazz club

Live music, good drink and a nice atmosphere may secure the success of your date. It helps if you know a little about the music, as it will spark conversation and give you a chance to impress.

Visit a local art exhibit

Local artists need your support and you may even find a new favorite photographer, painter or sculptor in your own area. The best cultural experiences come when you widen your horizons and do something different than your regular routine. Afterwards you can bash or praise the exhibit with your date.

Take her to a book signing

If she loves to read and you know her taste in books, surprise her by taking her to a book signing you think she will like. It is also the perfect excuse to give her a little gift, as she will need a copy of the book. Make sure you sign it as well, it will be a great memory later on.


Romance can be so much more than candle lights and fireplaces, though both will help you set the right mood. Whether you want to go all out or keep it intimate, the key is to make your date feel truly special. Good romance requires both planning and spontaneity.

Take her to watch the sunrise/sunset

Nothing screams romance like spending the beginning or end of a day together. This idea requires a spot with a beautiful view where you can be alone together, such as the local beach or park.

Hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride can be a wonderful and romantic experience, assuming neither you or your date is afraid of heights. Bring a picnic basket or a bottle of wine and enjoy the unique view from high up.

A night at a hotel

Book a room (or two) at a classy hotel not too far away. Call in advance and make sure that strawberries and champagne is waiting for you for that “Pretty Woman” feel. For dinner you order in room service. Intimate and romantic, though expensive.


Maybe you both enjoy the thrill of the outdoors? Then camping, sailing or rock climbing might be right up your alley. Just make sure she is dressed for the occasion and fit to join you in your adventure.

Serve her a three-course meal in the woods

There is no reason to forget the romance just because you have taken her camping. Plan ahead and cook a three-course meal over the bonfire. She is likely to be impressed, however simple you make each dish.

Bungee jumping

Feel the rush of the wind on your faces and watch the ground approach at amazing speed. Maybe you can even jump together?

Go mountain biking

Rent the bikes and take off on a bumpy ride in the forest. Any potential nervousness will disappear as you concentrate on balancing your bikes through the tracks. Make sure to bring water, her favorite snack and some band aids.

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If you have ever been in love you probably have fond memories of the butterflies in your stomach, the euphoric happiness and the increased sex drive. Unfortunately, this altered state of being does not last forever; within six months to three years you will be back to your old self. What causes these emotions and the initial attraction? And why does some relationships last far beyond the first rush of feelings?

People like to claim that love comes from the soul or possibly the heart, all depending on how far they wish to push the metaphors. Realistically, it all happens in your brain and it's a chemical reaction.

In the beginning...

You see her from across the room and immediately feel you have to get to know her. Bravely you approach her and soon hours have past without either one of you noticing. What happened?

When two people are attracted to each other adrenaline-like neurochemicals start racing around in their heads, speeding up the flow of information between the nerve cells. Dopamine and norepinephrine are also created, dopamine to feel good and norepinephrine to stimulate the production of adrenaline. This process actually increases the speed blood is pumped around your body, so when you say: “She makes my heart race”, you are not speaking metaphorically. These three chemicals is what create infatuation and make you want to talk all night or have sex for hours.

Forming a relationship

It is your fourth date and you are soon to be a couple. You feel close to her emotionally, physically and romantically. What process in your brain causes you to feel so attached to a person who just recently entered your life?

Once we are in love, another booster is released: Oxytocin. Oxytocin is best known for it's role in mother-child bonding, but it also helps us form romantic relationships. This chemical has both mental and physical triggers, such as the voice of your lover or even a sexual fantasy. It prompts cuddling between partners before, during and after sex. Even better, both men and women become calmer and more sensitive to the feelings of others under the influence of oxytocin.

Happily ever after?

If “I am just not in love with you any more” or “My feelings for you have changed” sound familiar to you, then chances are you have reached phase two of your relationship.

After a period of time, the initial infatuation subsides and many couples choose to break up at this milestone. However, if you stay together a whole new group of chemicals take over. They are created by endorphins: Morphine-like opiates. When we are being constantly reassured by intimacy, dependability and shared experiences these come into play. Naturally it makes our relationship less exciting, but it will be all the more addictive. It's the lack of these chemicals that causes us to miss our loved ones when they are not with us.

Do not despair, though, if your partner is far away or you long to experience a chemical romance of your own; hot chocolate is a good replacement. It's full of that adrenaline-like neurochemical phenylethylamine.

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Making small talk is a necessary skill in many aspects of life. A new friendship will in most cases start off with casual conversation about general topics, as well as business and work often requiring you to network. Even when searching for a partner you will need to master the art of small talk.

It can be challenging and seem some what meaningless, especially to introverts. However, there is no doubt you will appear more friendly and open if you manage to keep up conversations with strangers and acquaintances. All it takes is some practice and a bit of thought.


There are many ways you can build up your confidence when it comes to small talk. One of the main problems people experience when trying to keep up a conversation is that they are unsure what to talk about. Try to think about what interests you; your hobbies, articles and books you have read lately or a new CD you bought last week. Your passions are the best source of small talk.

It also helps to widen your horizons if you want to come off as an interesting and entertaining conversation partner. Update yourself on topics that you know little about, go eat at new restaurants or watch a movie you would normally not go see.

Practice in front of a mirror on how to appear open and approachable. Smile, make eye contact and look interested. Talk to yourself about various topics to see how it goes. Try to spot your weak points and work on them.

Get started

You need to start talking, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel in the beginning. Practice makes perfect. You will find that the more you do it, the more natural it will come to you. Start conversing with those you come across during the course of the day. The cashier at your local bank, the person in front of you in a queue, the old woman sitting next to you on the bus. You will soon notice that not only does it brighten your day, it will probably brighten theirs as well.

The work place is a great arena for small talk. Building relationships with co-workers is rewarding in many ways. You will feel more comfortable while performing your job if you get to know your colleagues, the networking effect will help your career chances and you will come off as a social and friendly person. Did you know that a large percentage of people find their future husband or wife at work?

The possible pitfalls

Discussing religion or politics can make you seem as an opinionated and interesting person, but it may also offend those around you. If you find it hard to judge your crowd, you are better off staying away from controversial topics. Stories involving sex or rude words also have the potential to insult someone.

Make sure that you don't get too personal with strangers. Talking about how your child is doing in school is fine, telling someone about your horrible ex is not. Avoid subjects that can make your conversation partner feel uncomfortable.

Perfecting your art

To be a good talker, you need to be a good listener. Keep your attention fixed on the person you are conversing with. Letting your eyes wander around the room and seeming bored is considered rude by most people. Focus on being an active listener; ask follow up questions and make comments relating to what they are talking about.

At most social gatherings you will benefit from keeping chats short and sweet. When it is time to move on you should excuse yourself politely. If you go to fill up your drink, make a trip to the bathroom or sit down to have some food, ending your current conversation will come naturally. Either way, make your goodbye civil and respectful. It may help to memorize a few exit lines: “I see a friend of mine over there, I should go and say hello”, “Let me refresh our drinks” or “I guess we should mingle a bit” will be sufficient.

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A wind instrument is defined in the Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary as an instrument of music, played by wind, chiefly by the breath. Sound is produced in one of two ways using a player’s breath;

  1. Tone is produced by vibration of the lips as the player blows into the instrument

  2. Tone is produced when air is blown against an edge of, or opening in an instrument causing the air to vibrate inside

These instruments have two primary parts; a long tube containing a column of air and a mouth piece. Air is set into vibration by the player blowing into or over a mouth piece. The pitch is determined by the length of the tube. Both methods of producing sound occurs by wind, however the vibration of that wind occurs in two separate areas of the instrument, either before the air enters the column or after. This type of sound production is used to assist in classification of the different types of wind instruments.

Two Types of wind instruments

Brass Instruments

Instruments that produce sound using the player’s lips to vibrate the air are categorized in the brass instrument family. Historically brass instruments were grouped together because the material used to make them was brass; however classification has come to more accurately be made by how the sound is produced. Common brass instruments include:

  • Valved – trumpet, horn, tuba

  • Slide – trombone and bazooka

  • Natural – bugle, trumpet and horn

  • Keyed or fingered – cornet, serpent and keyed trumpet

  • Cylindrical bore – tenor trombone

  • Conical bore – tenor horn, French horn and baritone

Woodwind Instruments

Instruments that produce sound by vibrating air inside the instrument are categorized in the woodwind family. As with brass instruments; woodwind instruments were historically grouped by the material used to make the instrument until a more accurate classification by sound production was developed. Woodwind instruments have a thin piece of wood called a reed that the player blows against to produce the air vibration leading to its sound. Common woodwind instruments include:

  • Single-reed – clarinet and saxophone

  • Double-reed (exposed) – oboe and bassoon

  • Double-reed (capped) – bagpipes and crumhorn

  • Open flute – transverse and end-blown flutes

  • Closed flute – fipple based flutes

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A viola is a stringed instrument of the violin family. It is slightly larger than a violin and tuned a fifth lower. It has a deeper, more sonorous tone than the violin. Many people mistake the viola for a violin because they are so similar in size, shape and playing position, however the viola is set apart by its rich, dark-toned timbre.

How Big Is The Viola?

A full size viola is an average of about 1 to 4 inches longer than that of the violin with an average length of 16 inches. The viola is proportionally wider and has a more resonant and mellower sound. It is often referred to as the middle voice in the violin family between the upper lines played by the violin and the lower lines played by the cello.

Sheet Music

The sheet music for the viola is read primarily in alto clef which is otherwise rarely used. It has four strings that are tuned in fifths. When tuning the viola, C is one octave below middle C and is the lowest note on the instrument. The next three strings are tuned G, D, and A exactly one fifth below the violin. Tuning to C, D, G, A is used for the vast majority of music, however other tunings are occasionally used in both classical and folk style music.

Use and Popularity

Use of the viola is primarily limited to classical music. In early orchestral music it was limited to filling in harmonies with melodic material. The viola was liberated per say after Mozart began writing music specifically for this instrument making it equally important to the violin in one of his concerts. Even in the field of classical music the viola was not popularly used for solo pieces. A rare example of a piece which features a solo viola can be found in the ‘Harold In Italy.’

In the 20th century more and more composers began to write specifically for the viola. They were inspired by the emergence of specialized violists that performed favored solo pieces. Some of the more well known composers to write for the viola include William Walton, Bela Bartok and Barhuslav Martinu. One of the few composers to write a substantial amount of music for the viola was Paul Hindemith, also a violist. With all of this music being written, the total amount of music in the viola repertoire remains quite small.

The viola can be used in contemporary pop music however it is quite unusual to see this take place. The viola saw more popularity during the period from 1890 to 1930 for dance orchestras and orchestras of pop tunes. The viola has also been used in folk music though not as commonly as the violin. Never the less it is used by many folk musicians across the world.

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