Why is she not calling

The following would have to be the 3 main reasons why she hasn’t been calling you.

Have a read through them and you may be surprised by what you read and find out. Then you can change the way you go about some things and you will be having ladies calling you 24/7!!!

Seeming too pushy

One of the main reasons that she probably hasn't called you yet is that she doesn't want to seem too pushy. Therefore resulting in waiting for you to make the next move. If you don't contact her within say, 3 days, that would most likely be taken as a sign that you weren't really that interested in her. Something like that would definitely not make her want to call you.

If you have been on a few dates already and everything has been fine, start thinking about things like...

"Why am I always the one calling first" OR

"Was I always the one making the plans to do things" etc.

That may be indication that she wasn't overly interested in YOU from the first date, and maybe continued seeing you to see if there was something more between you. After realizing there wasn't, she has been trying to drop you a hint by not calling. Sorry guys but there is no point sugar coating a good possible reason why she isn't calling you. Nobody is perfect!

Just not interested

As the heading suggests, she just may not be interested in you, full stop. Which is fair enough considering that 2 single individuals out of the whole entire world need to find each other and live happily ever after. Makes it a bit harder huh? It can be done though! So if she doesn't end up calling you after the first date and you are too frustrated from waiting around, take it as a sign that she is not the one for you. You then have to get her out of your system and start looking for someone that will return to you what you give them. That is ALWAYS a good sign!

It doesn’t matter if you find out that she wasn’t interested in you, not everybody will like you in that way but there is no reason why you still can’t be friends.

Yes I know that is the sentence that guys hate the most, but sometimes that’s just how it works out. You may not find a lover from your date, but you may find a new found friend that is of the opposite sex to you and then you will not have to read articles such as this to find answers. You will have a real life dating bible next to you!

It's the guys job

A lot of women still believe that the guy should make the first move and call her after a date. Newsflash! Old fashioned tenancies don't fly! But alas, some women stick to what they believe (there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you believe) and they will not call you after a date. They figure "Well if he really liked me then he would call". This sentence is oh so true and so many women will resort to it in this situation. Women can be very stubborn (as can men) and there is no way you will be getting a follow up call from her…. forget about it! Who cares? Move on! She is probably high maintenance anyway! Times have changed since 1928 and women actually do call men first, so if your new lady friend hasn’t called you yet, cut your losses and look for someone else. If she really enjoyed your company in the first place then she would have no problem in contacting you first.

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