Who should be in control of the relationship

What a silly question. There shouldn’t be one of you that is in control and the other one that is the “follower”. There should be equal control in a relationship. That is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. If the balance is out then that is when problems start. A woman (well most) like to know that the man they are with is protective over them. In the sense that they often ask how they are feeling and how their day was. Genuinely caring for their well being. It means a lot more to woman then you may think when a man asks them questions like that. It shows that you are and are honestly interested in those little details. Do not be too full on and clingy about it. Like men, women can feel smothered by it as well.

Some women like to be the one "in control" of the relationship. They are into all the new age hype about women not needing a man to do almost anything for them anymore, except marry them and give them children to feel fulfilled in life. Actually, that probably isn't the best way to say it. Women just feel that they don't need a man to do things like pay most of the bills, be the sole provider for the family, set up the the entertainment system or even build a piece of furniture.

There is no real right or wrong answer to this question. Some men like to be in control and do all the things like be the bread winner. In relationships like that, the woman sees it as a great quality in her man which is why probably why she chose to be with him in the first place. A real reliable family man. All women like that!

Then you get the woman that wants to do basically everything by herself to prove that she is capable and doesn't really need you. They are the kind that you should stay away from. They will only intimidate you and cause problems that should never even have to explode into something more than a little argument. Most women like that are career driven anyway and will probably never find a man that fits their 'requirements' and settle down. Oh well that is their loss right? You can do better anyway!

Some guys might like that their woman is like that. It means that they won't always have to pay for dinner or the movie tickets and popcorn (which is getting pretty expensive these days!)

In conclusion to this topic guys, the best way to find out who should be in control of your relationship is to first find out what role you want to play in the relationship and which role your woman wants to play. If you cannot successfully do that, then all hope is lost for your romance together.

Find the balance and you will be fine.

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