Importance of acting confident and having fun

It is always a good thing to act confident and have fun on your date. Just as long as you aren't TOO confident. Most ladies will just see you as a try hard jerk and never want to see or hear from you again.

Having fun would have to be the key though. I mean, who doesn't like having fun? Even if through the whole date you have only established each others names, age, location and pets because you were both too busy laughing at (probably your lame jokes!). Who cares! If you both have fun on your date then she will most likely want to see you again and that is when you can both catch up on the more important things about each other.

Now, about acting confident...

It is always a plus on a date because most women don't like the shy type. If you are shy however, you may want to practice "picking yourself up" in a mirror. You may feel and look like a total idiot doing it but at least then you can get an idea of how you will be coming across to her. Being shy is nothing to be ashamed of or feel down about. There are women out their that like they shy guys and think that it is really cute. In some cases it could work as an advantage towards you. Most shy guys are seen as “the good ones”. Although there are people that say to watch out for them!

If you are a confident guy naturally, limit yourself. A lot of men will make the mistake of offering to their date what they have as possessions, trying to build themselves up to sound all successful and all that jazz. Fair enough that being a successful man is great, but you don't need to make it sound like that is all you have to offer her if you were to pursue something more.

For example..

If you have a high paying or decent paying job and own a nice car. Expand on the sentence " Hey babe, I'm a lawyer and I drive a ferrari" (I'm not saying all guys speak like that but a majority of you do). Try explaining to them how much you enjoy being a lawyer and why. One of your reasons can be that you get to drive and afford expensive cars. Ahh! Now doesn't that sound better?

Being over confident could either make or break you possible future romance. From most women’s point of view.. It would BREAK!

Just remember to be yourself and not to try so hard. Being yourself will never go wrong though. Yes maybe being yourself will not see you a second date, but if she doesn’t accept you for who you are, then what kind of future will you have together? You do not want someone that is only with you for what you have possessions wise and couldn’t care less how you are as a person. You want someone that is with you for the person you are.

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