Where to flirt

Many men and women limit their flirting and search for a partner to crowded bars and dance floors. Meanwhile they may be losing out on a number of potential dates. Flirting can in theory happen anywhere – and it does!

There are many advantages for choosing other arenas for flirting. You are more likely to find a partner who shares your interests and lifestyle, your chances of success are increased as your approach seems more casual and there is less pressure on you.

Your preferred way of life

Start by thinking of what interests you. If you're religious, church can be a great place to begin. Maybe you're a fitness buff and can benefit from few visits to your local gym. Try an art exhibit or a concert if you're the cultural type.

The workplace or other professional arenas

Some may opt for flirting at work and this can certainly pay off, but it must be done tactfully. Don't make the target of your interest feel uncomfortable. Be discreet and keep it innocent. A few hints and carefully chosen compliments will do.

New experiences

Perhaps you have a hobby or a topic you always wanted to learn more about. Why not sign up for an evening class, a dance course or join a new organization? You will meet new people and potentially run into the woman of your dreams.

Or anywhere else

Other great places are coffee shops, grocery stores, the mall, sport events, the park, bus stops, libraries or even the airport.

Parties and other casual get-togethers are natural venues for most people looking for a partner. You can even arrange some yourself to get the ball rolling. Ask everyone you invite to bring an extra friend so you can expand your social circle and chances of meeting someone to flirt with.

Be easy-going

Wherever you choose, the clue is to get out there and start striking up conversation. Drop the pick-up lines. Go for a casual approach in casual situations. Your number one goal should be to meet new people and see how it goes from there. 

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