Game Reserve Gap Years for the Generations

Thinking of taking a gap year? That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a young and wet behind the ears student. Wildlife conservation holidays are popular with nature-lovers of all ages, from school leavers, to professionals taking a sabbatical, to retirees who want an adventure. We take a look at the various generations making their way out to the Game Reserves of Africa for their gap years.

The Young ‘Uns

Many people leave school unsure as to what their next move should be. They may know that they want to go to university but have deferred entry in order to take a well-earned break from studying. Or, they may not be planning to go to uni at all, but simply need a break in which they can figure out what they want to do. Whatever the reason behind it, many school leavers need a break before stepping out into the big wide world, and a gap year works as the perfect bridge between college and the next step. This tends to be a period of zero responsibility which can be a little unnerving following the strict timetable of lessons, so for many a wildlife conservation holiday, where they can have an adventure whilst giving something back and learning, is the ideal solution.

The Young Professional

Once we leave school or university and join in the professional rat race, we can spend years rushing headlong into our careers, with little time for much else. Working long hours, and taking the bare minimum in holidays, it is not surprising that eventually people can burn out. Then comes the sabbatical; there are many people who work for a number of years in a profession building up their experience, before deciding that they want to take some time out. You’ll find many of this generation on wildlife conservation holidays. Trips can be anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, providing enough time not just to escape from the rigmarole of working life, but to recharge the batteries and reassess what is important to you.

The Carriage Clock Crew

Retirement might seem like the most inviting prospect you can imagine whilst you’re still at work, and it is very enjoyable for the first few months as you feel the tensions of working life slipping away. However for many, it is not long before boredom sets in. You could take up golf, join a gym, or even create your own mini version of paradise in your garden, but it may not be enough to keep you stimulated. Wildlife conservation holidays will not only be a fantastic holiday for you, but will keep you fit both in body and mind. With no limits on your time, you can spend as many weeks as you please at the Game Reserve, and on your return you will no longer feel restless, but you’ll be rewarded with a sense of fulfilment and some wonderful memories.

So whether you’re a young and fresh faced student looking for a way to fill a few months before you start studying again, a professional looking to pause your career and take a break, or a retiree who doesn’t feel like resting; you are never the wrong age for a gap year. With opportunities to learn new skills and see some amazing sights, wildlife conservation holidays make the perfect gap year for every generation.

Mark Bottell is the General Manager for Worldwide Experience, an online tour operator offering extended breaks on wildlife conservation holidays and various adventurous gap years for adults.
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