Decorative Windmills Can Add a New Look to Your Lawn and Garden

Want a new look to your house, back yard, or garden?  Then a decorative garden windmill may be exactly what you are looking for! They come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors, and they are a great addition for your lawn and garden. Prices can vary from just a under a 100 dollars to thousands, and their size usually ranges from 4 Feet to 30 Feet. Currently there are many companies manufacturing many types of decorative garden windmills with about every style you can imagine.  You just need to determine how much you are willing to spend and how much yard space you have for it.

A few things you may want to think of before purchasing a garden windmill:

The first step is discovering the best spot for your decorative windmill. You can either position it in your backyard, front yard or your garden as a part of your landscaping. Be sure it has access to plenty of wind and a level surface for the structure. It’s a good idea to consider where the most wind is generated in your yard before building your decorative garden windmill.

Next you should consider of the type of materials the windmill is made from. It could possibly be made of wood, aluminum, metal, textile or plastic. You should really think of purchasing an aluminum decorative windmill because they will not rust and never need painting. Also, make sure the manufacturer uses roller bearings that can be greased as well as stainless steel nuts and bolts, because they will not rust and should last a lifetime. Also consider where it is manufactured.  There are several companies producing them right here in America and if you ever needs parts they will be much easier to order.

Finally, you need to consider the correct windmill size so that it fits in ideally with your lawn and garden landscape theme. Too large of a windmill may over power your yard and too small of a windmill may not be seen.  Another issue to consider is how easily your windmill can be assembled and that all needed parts are included.

Decorative Windmills have become a great addition to many backyards yard all across America. People enjoy watching the wind flow over a windmill ornament, with its long history and great American tradition behind it. A side benefit of owning a garden decorative windmill is that it can create conversations at gatherings and adds value to your home.

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Dave Berning was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ohio.  He still enjoys working the land both on the family farm and his own backyard and garden.  He owns and operates a lawn and garden supply company with his brother Mark.  Visit them at http://www.barnyardproducts.com/

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