Why is Website Wireframe so important?

If you are planning to have a website and want to make your web designer understand the proper scope of the project then wireframe is the most suitable technique you should apply.

Wireframes are nothing but hand drawn blocks of the site giving an idea of various placeholders for the website.

These placeholder can in turn be then explained by the client in order to make a web designer understand how the website will function overall.

There are a few things that should be remembered when you create a wireframe:
1. Boxes should be clean and very basic (not very fancy to confuse)
2. Simple layouts to be used even though the actual design may be complex.
3. Various call to actions for the website to be noted.
4. Various levels or pages to be explained in separate wireframes.
5. After each wireframe explain in points the working of various blocks.

In engineering as a block diagram explains the working of a circuit similarly in web designing a wireframe explains the flow and working of a website in a very basic way.

What do you need to create your first wireframe?
1. A nice pen or pencil (i prefer pencil since you can erase as well)
2. A white paper (not the old ones which look yellow)
3. A eraser
4. A nice coffee for company (this one i use normally)

Now all you need to do is draw by hand or use some fancy things like VISIO and draw your first site wireframe.

I bet these wireframes will make the scope of the project much clearer to any website designer.

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