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Tiki sculptures hold significant value in Polynesian culture. A Tiki statue is a large wood carving that represents a Polynesian god or a specific “mana”. The gods or the “mana” were conveyed through the face of the sculpture or through the other symbols included in the sculpture. Although Tiki sculptures are not evaluated on the same level as other arts, they are still considered valuable for what they represent.

The Tiki is one of the most defining symbols of the Polynesian culture. It has been used for many centuries for a number of purposes including worship and marking boundaries of sacred sites. Today, Tiki sculptures remain popular among the Central Eastern Polynesian cultures. They are also growing in popularity outside of the aforementioned culture, as art and also as functional sculptures.

As art, Tiki sculptures are used to decorate living spaces and other areas. Good Tiki artists really put a lot of thought into the design and the process of creating wonderful Tiki Sculptures so the sculptures add both texture and warmth to the home. Tiki Sculptures can also be used for Luau parties, Hawaiian restaurants and Tiki Bars to enhance the ambiance of the place and to provide an authentic Polynesian experience.

There are also people who value Tiki Scupltures for the good fortune and blessings they provide. These sculptures are said to bring good fortune, long life, fertility, health, or safety depending on the Polynesian god depicted on the carving. Some Tiki sculptures may not depict a specific mana or good fortune but simply depict a Polynesian god.

There are different kinds of Tiki sculptures available for collectors from Tiki Statues to Tiki Masks. One of the most popular Tiki art is the Tiki statue. Tiki statues can be used to decorate indoor spaces and also gardens, patios and other outdoor areas. The sizes of the Tiki statues range from 26 inches to over 60 inches. With the range of designs and sizes, it is easy to find the right Tiki statue to meet your needs.

When choosing a Tiki statue for your home or any other place, make sure to get authentic Tiki statues. Authentic Tiki statues are made of Acacia and other hard woods. This makes them durable; standing the test of time even when they are placed outdoors exposed to various elements such as rain and sun light. They are also carved by real artists who understand the meanings of the facial expressions and symbols used in the Tiki culture. These artists are able combine aesthetic value with symbolism and functionality. These authentic Tiki statues require a lot of hard work to create because they are carved and not created using a mold. The whole process takes a lot of knowledge, patience and dedication.

Another thing you must remember when choosing Tiki statues is to make sure you understand the meanings of the designs so that you get the kind of statue that has a relevance in your life, this will make the statue even more important for you.

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