Don't Be Undateable

You think she is the girl of your dreams and at first she looks at you like you are her prince, but by the end of the date, she never wants to see you again.

Was it something you did/said/wore? Yes, yes, yes, say the authors of a new book: “Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating or Having Sex.”

According to authors Anne Coyle and Ellen Rakieten, there are hundreds of turn offs that guys probably don’t even realize they are doing.

One example the authors give is a man walking in and his date sees that he sports hair plugs. The woman tells herself she can move past that.

But then, the man opens his mouth and uses endless sports metaphors. He also wears (horror) pleated front pants, has a cell phone clipped to his belt and drinks Long Island Iced Teas. But then comes the coup de grace --- he gets up and tells the woman that he has to go take a “dump.”

This is the perfect example of an undateable guy, say Coyle and Rakieten.

“We interviewed hundreds of smart, funny, normal women from all walks of life and asked them for their lists of Undateables, the things that turned a guy from a MAYBE into a NO WAY,” wrote Coyle and Rakieten. “Some answers were more obvious (readjusting the "family jewels" over drinks), while others were randomly brilliant (owning a cat), and some we never saw coming (using the phrase "my lover").

“This is stuff that guys don’t know because nobody tells them,” Rakieten said on Good Morning America in March.
On Good Morning America, the authors went looking for offenders at the ESPN Zone in Times Square.
They found a guy wearing a baseball cap backward – big no-no. Is having messy hair better? He asked the authors and they both replied, “YES!”

The second guy took off his Nike sweatshirt and the women groaned. He had on a bright red tee shirt with a giant MnM character face on it.

“You’re adorable, and really, truly is this what you want to say to the world?” they said. “I’m an MnM?”

The women asked the third guy if he wore a blue tooth on his ear like that all the time.

“Every day,” he answered and got a big thumb down.

Then the women found two guys they said knew how to do it right: they had FLAT FRONT pants on and nice shoes.

“So what’s the lesson learned?” asked the Good Morning America host. “Every frog can become a prince if they just have a little help.”

So what are some other Undateable things to avoid?
 A man should never go shirtless unless he’s at the beach, in the shower or in bed.
 A man’s underwear or boxers should never hang out of his pants
 DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear that combination of too short jeans and too long shorts called Jorts.
 NEVER wear white socks without athletic sneakers and NEVER wear socks with sandals.

Bill has been studying How to Pick Up Women for the last 5 years in NYC and is a pick up artist who can help you learn to do the same. The original article can be found here: Don’t Be Undateable.
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