Flirting Signs You Need to Know

Did you know that most of the interaction between men and women is done non-verbally?

Before we even open our mouths, we are communicating with one another.

There are so many ways our bodies talk to each other and one of the most important things you can do is learn as much as you can about it.

Even when we are trying to play hard to get, there are actions and gestures that reveal our interest. It is a nonverbal way to flirt that we may not even be aware we are doing.

Here are some ways we flirt with people, even if we don’t realize we are doing it:

When we are attracted to a woman we might:

• Make our glance at her linger
• Lift our eyebrows, slightly part our lips and flare our nostrils a tiny bit
• Blush or flush a bit
• Become more rigid in our stance, adopting an alpha male type stature
• Adjust our clothes or “preen” smoothing down our hair, etc.
• Start to mirror her sitting position
• Adopt her vocal tone
• Lean in toward the woman
• Keep our legs or feet pointed toward her, showing our interest
• Touch her, say her arm or hand
• Stare at her mouth
• Looking at her with “wide eyes”
• Getting caught looking at her when she isn’t looking at you
• Acting a bit nervous around her
• Showing a hint of jealousy when other men talk to her
• You laugh a little too hard at her jokes
• You find ways to start your own conversation with her

These are all basics you learn about when you study body language and relationships, but there is much, much more you can learn. Not only should you know the signals you may be unconsciously giving to women, you need to learn what signals she is sending your way.

But first, learn ways that you might be showing your interest without realizing it because you can use this in many ways. You can use them to convey nonverbally that you are interested in another woman. Then, based on her responses, you can tell if she wants you to approach her or ask her out.

So it is helpful to not only realize what signals your body is sending out to a woman, it is also crucial to know what signals women send out when they are interested in you.

This can save you a lot of grief, money and heartache.

For instance, a woman who keeps catching you eye and then shyly looking away wants you to approach her. A woman, who brushes past you and smiles at you, probably wants you to talk to her. These are all ways for a woman to say she is interested in getting to know you better.

It is not rocket science. There are some basic ways our bodies biologically respond to people we are attracted to and it helps to learn them as early on as you can.

Bill has been studying How to Approach Women for the last 5 years in NYC and is a pick up artist who can help you learn to do the same. The original article can be found here: Flirting Signs You Need to Know.
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