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When you think about storage for your company, your first thought is probably shelving. However, there are a lot more options than just aluminium or steel shelving. Linbins are a great way to store a variety of different things, including parts, supplies and papers. Virtually any company can benefit from this type of storage, and you’ll love the options that are available.

Outstanding Construction for Durability

Linbins are manufactured from a high quality polyethylene copolymer. It’s designed to handle the heaviest of loads without bending, cracking or just falling apart. This means that it is exceptionally strong and will last for many years. You’ll know that this storage option is a great investment!

A Variety of Sizes Available

Linbins are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes. Commonly used for smaller parts, such as bolts, nuts, screws and other small bits and pieces, you can probably imagine a use for them in your business. This heavy duty, boltless storage solution can quickly organise your business area like never before. There are complete bays available that will hold many different sizes, so you can store multiple parts and supplies all in one convenient location. You simply slide the bins into the slots. The convenient end stops hold the bins in place and eliminates the possibility of spilling the contents.

Dividers, Colours and Labels

There are also dividers available, so you can separate the bins into different compartments, allowing for even more storage. Dividers can help make it all a little bit less expensive, since you will need fewer bins. Labels may be attached to the front or back of individual bins, or both, which makes fining items much faster and easier. Linbins are available in red, blue, yellow, and grey, which can also help with organising your stock.

Storage Ideas

What do you need to store? While some of the most popular uses were listed above, there are many others. Does your company store small computer parts or small light bulbs? There are a million uses for Linbins – you only have to use your imagination!

Where to Find These Little Storage Wonders

Linbins are readily available online and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable they are. You can quickly compare pricing, postage times and charges and warranty information with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, some caution is in order. There are many imitations available that aren’t the ‘real deal’. In order to get the highest quality product, make sure you purchase true Linbins. Cheaper alternatives may not be constructed of the same high quality material. If they’re not, you could run the risk of the bins cracking, dumping all the stock onto the floor. If it’s fragile, you could be out a lot of money.

Linbins have truly revolutionised the way that businesses store supplies, stock and papers. Incredibly durable, strong and more affordable than you might think, these are the storage options you have been searching for! Take a few minutes and see how easy organisation really can be!

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